Car A/C is on the fritz again

I really need to have someone look at the AC in my car, but it’s absolutely laboring once again.

  • That makes me procrastinate even more.

I am absolutely not really the kind of person who deals with immediate things. It is absolutely a single of my downfalls. I really wish that I did not procrastinate so much. I really need to labor on it definitely. My fiance is absolutely different from immediate problems and I absolutely ask for help. I have been procrastinating and air conditioner repair for a long time. It is actually ridiculous. My AC certainly has a slow leak due to the fact that I have charged it multiple times. I hate having to recharge the AC every few weeks to make it work. I have to continue doing this until the whole thing stops laboring. I am believing or assuming this leak to get worse which would cause me to charge it more frequently. At this point it would be easier just to fix the air conditioner altogether. My fiance advised me to completely stop hesitating and get the problem fixed before the air conditioner stops working completely. Tomorrow I’m thinking about calling a mechanic to start on the project. If they can find out what is wrong with the air conditioner, then every one of us will be able to fix the problem before it gets much worse. Summer is just a few months away and then it will be very difficult to have the air conditioner repaired for a reasonable amount of money. Everyone knows the prices go up during summer

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