Doing labels for weed products

I labor for an up and coming cannabis dispensary in town, but everything in the dispensary looks classy and professional, and i got hired as a budtender right when the store was starting to open… That meant I got to handle all the setup process with our boss, however we purchased and set up the glass cases that hold all the edibles.

We purchased unusual shelving units to handle the glass, water and hand pipes.

I also was able to set up all the bongs, hookahs and vapes in the store. What was the last thing, and truly the coolest, was that both of us had to buy a label maker. The labels on the unusual products are all pretty unique ; First, both of us wanted our cannabis dispensary logo on the boxes edibles came in or the glass jars the unusual oils came in… Next, there needed to be some form of label with all the required facts like the THC content, CBD content and what the product is; My boss purchased a custom digital label maker. The Bebop label maker is super small but seriously awesome, however after I l received how to operate the label maker, production moved fast. I first printed a ton of the business logos and stuck it everywhere. I then changed up the settings to print the required facts for each product. The labels are brightly colored, stick perfectly and look so professional. The opening day was made that much better by having quality labels on everything, then our logo being proudly displayed all over made it suppose much more higher end and like it was a larger store, rather than a small up and coming 1.



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