Getting physically fit helps with singing career

Ever since I was a small child, I have loved to sing.

  • For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to make my living as a singer.

I’ve taken tons of voice lessons, practiced for endless hours and won all sorts of contests. As I got older, I started getting bookings at the local bars. Although I still needed to supplement my income with a waitressing job, my career was showing promise. I finally was able to sign on with a professional agent. The agent told me that my voice and stage presence were impressive but that I needed to get in better physical shape. He said that being overweight would be a significant detriment to my success. In the music industry, especially for women, appearance is extremely important. Having tremendous vocal range isn’t enough. So I signed up with a personal trainer and got determined to lose the extra weight. I expected to go hungry and be forced to go for a run every day. However, the personal trainer developed a whole body wellness program that included a healthy meal plan and a variety of very demanding exercises. Rather than target weight loss, the personal trainer told me to focus on a healthier way of life. I found that I liked introducing different fruits and vegetables into my diet. The training sessions were extremely demanding but made me feel really proud of myself. Once I got started on the program, I started to look forward to the workouts. I suddenly had a great deal more energy and was sleeping better at night. I suffered from fewer headaches and stiff muscles and gained confidence. As I lost weight and toned my body, I became further motivated. While improving my overall appearance was good for my career, becoming more physically fit has been great for every part of my life.


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