Happy with the results of yoga classes

About eight months ago, I signed up for yoga classes at my local gym.

I figured it would be fun but didn’t realize that it’s also a great way to improve strength and flexibility.

When I started the class, I wasn’t all that physically fit. However, the instructor is able to tailor the class to benefit any level of fitness. I’ve learned that there are different styles of yoga, with some focusing more on relaxation while others require more movement and are higher intensity. Learning poses or asanas is a major part of yoga and the instructor emphasizes the importance of proper breathing techniques. The various poses are designed to stretch specific muscles and improve range of motion. After I complete a yoga class, I always feel very energized and loose. I’ve noticed that I don’t get tired as easily during the day and don’t have as much soreness when I get up in the morning. Once I began participating in regular yoga sessions, I started to see the rewards. I’ve gained a great deal of flexibility. I’m now able to sit in a straddle and rest my belly on the floor. I can also stand with my feet together, bend over with straight legs and place my palms on the floor. I am not working on my splits, but they are going to require a lot of work and dedication. I now sign up for every yoga class that is offered at the gym. I’ve taken ashtanga yoga and power yoga, and I’ve gotten way better at the more difficult poses. At first, I was most definitely the worst one in every class. I’ve gradually increased strength in my core and improved my balance. I’m proud of my accomplishments and I’m encouraged to work harder. I like that my body is much more toned and that I feel stronger. I’m happy with how I look, and I’ve made the commitment to eat better and focus on total body wellness.
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