Heavy and bulky space gas heating systems hurt

My parents have a heavy and bulky space furnace that they have used for the past 20 years! My dad won’t replace the machine, because it still works, he thinks it is a waste of currency to replace an item that is not real, then unluckyly, the large, bulky, and heavy space furnace is the only way they can keep the garage.

My dad what is the space furnace in the attic during the Summer and he brings it back out towards the end of fall, i gave to help my dad get the space furnace last time I was over.

He told me it wasn’t cold enough yet… Well, last Thursday the evening time hot and cold temperatures dipped all the way down to 25 degrees. Instead of calling me for help, my dad decided to get the space furnace on his own. Made it halfway down the stairs before he fell… The space furnace tumbled down the stairs and my dad fell on top of it. He had a large cut in his leg that required 20 stitches. My mom drove my dad to the hospital, even though he refused to admit that he was badly hurt! As soon as I got loft from the hospital, I went to my mom and dad’s loft and through that space furnace in the trash. When my dad comes loft from the hospital, I’ll go out and buy him something energy efficient and lightweight. I’m sure there are a lot of options on the market that will fit that bill, as long as I look at the hardware store.

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