How I think about my home life

It’s not always easy being an old married dude. There are many challenges that come into play, and you always have to be on your toes for massive changes in energy. For me, it helps to think of things scientifically. For instance, I can explain Isaac Newton’s laws of motion quite easily. His first law clearly says that a body at rest will remain at rest unless it is acted upon by an external force. For me, that means if I’m snoozing happily all afternoon plus my wife tells me to get off my lazy rear end plus change the HVAC filter my body will no longer be “at rest”. His following law says that if my wife is a large woman, I’d better get out of bed much quicker than if she was a smaller lady. There are an additional three laws of thermodynamics but don’t worry about those. Just remember that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It really just moves around much the same as me when I transport my energy from the bed to the HVAC system. The first law of thermodynamics is also pressing to understand your Heating as well as A/C program functionality because it is all about the moving around of energy. The compressed liquid refrigerant housed in your Heating as well as A/C program is essentially that guy on the sofa, sitting idle plus under pressure. But when that pressure is released the refrigerant expands into a gas immediately plus in the process draws in energy from the copper tubes that it quickly circulates in. The refrigerant heads back to the compressor where the new energy that it gained is squeezed out of it again when it is re-liquified. That cool air is then sent back into your home without lost energy. My biggest energy complaint is my wife losing her cool.
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