I didn’t think I was going to find anybody to take care of my landscaping job

My wifey is not able to get out how she did at all anymore.

  • There was a terrible accident a few years ago that busted up one of her hips entirely.

She is healed from the accident, and can get around just fine, however she can’t ever go hiking and exploring with me any longer. This is pretty alarming for such somebody who enjoys being outdoors, so wanted to do something around our property to make her feel completely comfortable. The only concern is that I didn’t really know how to get started, so I had to call for some professional advice. The first thing I wanted to get was vinyl privacy fencing around the length of the property, to block out the whole of the world. Based on what I’ve read, vinyl privacy fencing will be the perfect choice for shutting out ambient noise, plus light. Once I get the fencing installed, after that we can focus on renovating the landscape of the ground! I want a great deal of bamboo, a bunch of flower beds, and a koi pond surrounded by saplings. I am thinking that I will need a genuinely special landscape design supplier to help me out with this work. I called around to all the listed corporations, however didn’t get anywhere. That was until I heard about a current landscaping design supplier that operated “off the grid.” They didn’t have a website, not even a phone. They were basically a group of green warrior hippie types that did radical landscaping tasks to pay for all the pot they were smoking. They might have been very strange people, however they were the perfect option for my radical landscaping needs.


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