I found a space heater turned on for days during the summer

I can’t believe that my kids wasted so much money on a heating system that wasn’t even needed.

I wouldn’t even have known that the heating system was wasting money if I hadn’t checked the electricity bill.

When I got the electricity bill this month, I couldn’t believe how much it was. Obviously, I knew that it was my kid’s fault. They have been wasting money since the beginning, but I just didn’t know how they did it. Well, when I went to the barn, I figured out what happened. In the back of the barn, I saw an old space heater plugged in. The space heater was an ancient, white, radiating space heater. The space heater had a thermostat on it, but the thermostat didn’t kick the heater off. If you turned the space heater on, it wouldn’t turn off no matter how hot the surroundings were. Unfortunately, my children wanted to check if the space heater worked. They plugged the space heater in a few weeks before I found it, and they were supposed to come back a few hours later to make sure that the space heater was actually working. Sadly, they forgot to check the space heater, so the space heater has been running for literally 3 weeks on full blast. That space heater explains why the electricity bill was literally a couple of hundred dollars more expensive. I was livid, and my kids tried to lie about the space heater. I eventually found out the true story, and I grounded them both for lying about the space heater.

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