I know an media air cleaner will help

My child has terrible seasonal flu symptoms and they seem to get worse every year.

  • He just entered the first grade and he already has to use an inhaler during dust sensitivity season.

He can barely breathe due to all of the Ragweed, pollen, and blooming flowers. He was having a lot of trouble sleeping, so the two of us talked to the pediatrician about our options, however both of us thought the doctor would advise a yearly dust sensitivity pill, even though he suggested and media air cleaner instead. My fiance and I thought media air cleaners were only for businesses, offices, and hospitals, but it turns out that anyone can buy an air filtration system. The doctor gave my fiance and I the name of a medical supply company that specializes in air filtration equipment, media air cleaners, and HEPA filterss, but since the two of us had a note from the doctor, the two of us qualified for 40% off the retail price. To make things even better, our insurance company covered the remaining 60%. We’ve had the media air cleaner in our son’s family room for a few weeks and I can tell that he is sleeping much better. He still coughs and sneezes a lot, but at least he is getting plenty of rest before school each day. His flu symptoms will really never go away, but at least they can be manageable. My fiance and I also have a younger daughter, and she is starting to display the same signs of flu symptoms. If the media air cleaner helps our son, the two of us will really buy an media air cleaner for our daughter’s family room as well. Both of us may even decide to add an air filtration system to the entire loft if the results are significant.