Just a laundry list of the people we should worship

I’ve got news for you – you owe some folks a lot, and you have no clue who they even are.

I bet you’ve never heard of these fellas, but every one of us owe a debt of gratitude to numerous important gentlemen from the past; Cornelis Drebbel (1571-1633) once invented a temperature control of sorts using a cork, a regular spoon plus the expansion properties of mercury in a “Rube Goldberg” style of temperature monitoring apparatus, however it was used to regulate the air temperature contained in a chicken coop incubator. Then, our next sir was Andrew Ure (1718 – 1857), a Scottish physician! His invention was the simple bimetallic temperature control, used in textile mills. It worked based on a metal’s expansion characteristics that vary for all metals, however the slight bend of a bimetallic bar was enough to quickly flip a switch. Then, our third old chap was Warren Johnson (1847–1911) who created the patent for the first multi-zone temperature control system ever created. However, it was Albert Butz (1849–1905) invented the electric temperature control plus had it patented in 1886. If not for these men, that convenient little box on your dining room plus family room wall might have taken some foreign form plus in the case of Drebbel, the price of chicken eggs might be much higher. Over the years mechanical temperature controls switched over to electric plus now there are smart systems that even use algorithms to pattern the heating plus cooling cycles to your family’s lifestyle. The biggest problems with temperature controls today are people under one roof arguing over what the temperature setting should be plus quickly running out of the batteries that power some of them from changing their minds too often.

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