Looking into a current home, sold seasoned home, living in modular house for now

My wifey plus I decided a couple years ago to build our own home.

Both of us had been on the market for a current house for years plus the two of us were simply not finding what the two of us were looking for.

After numerous discussions, the two of us decided to just build our own home. Both of us ran some numbers plus figured it would be best for us to sell our current house to pay for the construction of the current a single. The only concern with that, of course, is that the two of us would be homeless until the current beach house was built. I remembered that my brother, a construction worker, was typically talking about how when he would have construction projects far away that he would live in a repurposed shipping bag home. That didn’t sound ideal, obviously, however from what he had told me it was more than a cargo bag with a bed in it. He said that these shipping bag homes had custom welding plus looked love little houses. I researched shipping bag homes for sale plus found some pretty nice openings for a satisfactory price. My wifey plus I decided on a temporary shipping bag house while our dream house was being built. Both of us sold our previous house plus moved into our repurposed shipping container. I have to admit; the shipping bag house was certainly nice. My wifey liked the shipping bag house too, even though she would never admit it. Until the construction of our house is complete, the two of us will be enjoying our in-between house- our repurposed shipping container! I guess even after the construction is finished that the two of us might keep the shipping bag house as a guest home. It seems love a shame to give it up, the shipping bag house is cute plus would add to the property value as a guest house.

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