My Dad is one clumsy guy

My terrible Dad recently broke his leg when he was carrying a heater down the stairs.

He took the furnace everywhere which was incredibly funny to me.

He seemed to enjoy the space heater a great deal. Now I’ll have to find another or single, because I don’t guess what my dad will do without this heater. He seemed to carry it down and up the stairs almost every single day for many months and months. I watched him do this during a single day and even said that the oil furnace was actually quite heavy. He never listened much to myself and others. Instead, he continued to carry the furnace everywhere. The furnace was there at all times. This was due to the fact that my dad had some trouble staying warm. Sometimes he even used the furnace during the cooler summer months. I find this absolutely crazy. While he was carrying the oil furnace up the stairs, he seemed to trip and then fall. He called myself and some others directly from the hospital. He told myself and some others that he fell on the stairs while carrying that oil furnace. Even though it was an embarrassing situation, myself and others did not absolutely feel like we could last. My dad absolutely told myself and others that the oil furnace would no longer labor after being dropped. I wanted to help find a furnace that would be much lighter, so my dad doesn’t have to struggle as much to carry it from one room to the next.

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