My home went up in flames because of a faulty heater

You know, I’ve heard of spontaneous combustion but I honestly never thought it would happen in my own house.

I actually went away to my parents’ house for the weekend and then I got a frantic call from one of my neighbors.

They told me that my house was on fire! I rushed back home as fast as possible only to find that my house was severely damaged due to a fire. The firefighters were able to find the root of the fire which was my heating system. Evidently, I had some items that were too close to the heater that were flammable. They speculated that the flames must have rolled out of the heater and caught the items on fire. From there, everything just went up into flames. It’s a good thing that my neighbors noticed the smoke coming from my household and called the fire department, but a lot of things in my home were completely damaged. The good news is that I have fire insurance for my home, so all the damaged items, including my HVAC system were covered. I was really sad though because I lost so many irreplaceable items like old photographs and various collectors items. I honestly never would have thought that my home would go up in flames because of some kind of strange spontaneous combustion event, but this is a lesson learned. I realize now that it’s important to keep anything that is remotely flammable far away from the heating system. I also want to make sure to get some type of security system that will monitor everything in my home so this never happens again. If there is even a hint of a fire, I want the fire department to be there right away to take care of it.


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