My neighbor was able to get me the best lawyer

You can never really judge a book by it’s cover, as I just recently had proven to me… Let me just start by saying that my next door buddy is a sweet little outdated lady named Heather.

  • She has always been unquestionably nice to me, my partner, as well as our youngsters, as well as in return I love to mow her lawn for her, as well as shovel her driveway in the depths of Wintertime.

While I was out one day I actually got clipped by a truck as well as the parent trucking company threatened me with a serious lawsuit the next day! I really didn’t know what I should do, but I mentioned it to Heather who said she owned a personal injury law firm. She herself was not a personal injury attorney but her deceased partner had built the practice from the ground up! After some 40 years he passed on as well as left his partner her section of the personal injury law firm, which she tried to manage in the way she thought he would have preferred. By the end of the day I had a lawyer in my residing room taking my statement, as well as this lady was a car as well as commercial truck accident lawyer, and this was her specialty! It turns out that she was very well known in her speciality, because most of the other truck accident lawyers did not want to mess with her in the court. I was so bothered about what our family was going to do, but thanks to our kindly neighbor as well as her not-so-kindly personal injury law firm, I believe we will be alright.

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