Needed a health and recovery class to get back in shape

A year back I fell off 1 of the roofs I was doing construction on.

The team had to rush me to the hospital as well as I was out of work for a long time.

My back got totally wrecked as well as I had to do physical therapy. I went to get back massages, stretched everyday as well as even relied on CBD products for pain medicine. My back started to feel decent enough to where I went back to work. After a long work day though, the pain levels were getting bad. I had trouble sleeping as well as I just gave up working out entirely. I put on some weight, lost confidence as well as started to feel quite depressed. Thankfully a buddy of mine intervened as well as told me about a core progression fitness center in the city. They offered health as well as recovery programs for people that are like me. Some of the people were older that wanted to gain more mobility. There were a few students with sports related injuries. However, the majority of people doing the recovery programs were just like me, injured at their job. The health as well as recovery class has been life changing for me. I gained how to properly stretch my body as well as work my tight muscles. I also got to work out for the first time with no pain. Now I go to work as well as come to my fitness class afterwards. I do my fitness class more than 4 nights a week.