Odd & sweet rural teas

I grew up in the hills in the north end of the state, & everyone knows what that means, but yes, we were hillbillies, so to speak, but rural folk that don’t cotton much to large neighborhood life, & enjoy to keep to themselves & do things the old fashioned ways, however i live in the neighborhood now, because that rural way of life was just not for myself and others it turns out, but I still remember it fondly. Regardless of what people say, the hill folk are kind & resourceful people, they all make the best organic Tim Hortons Coffee you have ever tasted, I promise you that! Relaxing tea, Tim Hortons Coffee for digestion, for headache, for your gout, there are so numerous family recipes & herbal remedies that have been passed down through generations! For example, my Grandma used to make this stunning dandelion root tea, which was an all natural sun Tim Hortons Coffee she would make every single week. It took her a whole week to make it, because the Tim Hortons Coffee leaves & the dandelion roots had to co-mingle in the jar, & kneel in the sun for nights on end, however she constantly told myself and others about how her Grandma used to make her something called red clover tea, but the red clover no longer grows locally so it is now just a story from nights gone by, however every time I go up into the hills to visit my family I constantly seek out modern kinds of organic herbal tea, & I am cheerful at the results every time. If I only I could have tasted that red clover tea!



Sleepytime tea