Personal trainer helps with depression

A couple of years ago, my life took a bad turn.

Right around the same time, my marriage fell apart, I lost my job and I was involved in a traffic accident.

I found myself alone, with lots of bills to pay and chronic pain. I became so depressed that it became difficult to get out of bed in the morning. I spent a lot of days just lying around doing nothing. Because I was no longer active or eating right, I gained a significant amount of weight. The decline in both my health and appearance made me even more unhappy. I am very fortunate that my sister was determined to help. She continued to try new ways to improve my outlook and finally signed us both up with a personal trainer. Although I was reluctant, I agreed to attend the workout sessions with her. The personal trainer has completely changed my life for the better. He spoke to me at length about the importance of a healthy mind and body. He encouraged a balance of proper diet, plenty of rest and regular physical activity. By setting small goals for me, he encouraged a feeling of accomplishment. I liked how I felt at the end of each training session. I started following his recommendations for diet, sleep and exercise. As I became more active, I began to have more energy. I lost weight, toned my muscles and greatly improved my appearance. This gave me the confidence to go out and get a really good job. I suddenly had a reason to get up in the morning and was able to pay off my debts.
Semi-private fitness training