Personal trainer provides motivation

I tried joining a gym several different times but always gave up on it after a few months.

I resented the drive to get there, felt unsure about how to use the machines and was intimidated by the people who were obviously in much better condition than me. Because of that, I worked out at home for several years. I treated my workouts the same as other daily chores, such as doing the dishes, folding clothes or vacuuming. I didn’t enjoy it, look forward to it or put too much effort into it. While I managed to avoid gaining weight, I certainly didn’t feel satisfied with the results. I finally realized I needed a better strategy to achieve a higher level of fitness. I needed some help to push myself harder and try some new things. I went online and checked out the different personal trainers available in my area. I read up on their approach and chose the one I felt would best match my personality. At our first meeting, I was certain I’d made a good decision. My personal trainer created a customized workout program, meal plan and overall wellness goal that was right in line with my goals. I no longer spend the entire workout on one type of exercise or only put in 50% effort. The personal trainer provides motivation and instruction. She makes sure I don’t get injured or discouraged and yet she’s so good at pushing me to my limits. Every session is such a positive experience. Although I leave the gym utterly exhausted and drenched with sweat, I am proud of my accomplishment. I really like that she sets small goals that I work toward. Whether we’re targeting weight loss, building strength or gaining stamina, I focus on the target even when left to workout on my own. I’m now eating better, working out longer and enjoying more energy.


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