Realizing problems with air conditioner

Last year, I was diagnosed with a condition because of my thyroid.

For quite a while, I was overly sensitive to cold temperatures.

Even when the weather was moderate, I always tended to get chilled. I finally saw a doctor, who figured out that my thyroid was not functioning the way it should. Once I started taking medication, I was finally able to get back to normal again. I was no longer shivering all the time. This improvement in my health allowed me to notice some problems with the temperature in our house. My husband had been telling me that our cooling system was not supplying enough cool air. Since I was typically cold, I was not aware of the problem. Now that I was no longer chilly all the time, I realized that our home’s air conditioner was not functioning properly. I kept turning the thermostat lower and lower. My husband was relieved that he wasn’t the only one unhappy with the overheated house for a change. With me constantly turning down the thermostat setting, he was no longer complaining about feeling too hot. However, I was still not as comfortable. I felt the house was still warmer than it should be, and adjusting the thermostat didn’t seem to make a difference. After spending a few uncomfortable evenings in what felt like brutal heat, I decided to have the air conditioner worked on. I hired a licensed HVAC contractor who helped us resolve the air conditioning problems. He resolved the issue by thoroughly cleaning the inner workings. He prevented further issues by adjusting and troubleshooting all the components. I am grateful for getting my medical issues handled. I am also thankful that we resolved the concerns with the air conditioner. My husband is also the most comfortable he has been in a long time.


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