Realizing the importance of heating maintenance

Because of the long hours of our jobs, my husband & I are rarely at home.

We are both working to get ahead and also involved in our community. This past January, due to a severe snowstorm, we were trapped inside for a few days. I was thankful for a few days without a lot of responsibilities & the ability to spend time with my husband. This enjoyment was diminished by the inefficiency of our Heating system. Because we’re never at home for any length of time, we hadn’t been aware that the furnace was not as efficient as it could be. The sub zero temperatures challenged our Heating system & we couldn’t get the temperature at an ideal level. We continually raised the setting on the thermostat, but it did not seem as if the actual temperature in the house was reflective of this setting. I kept adding layers of clothing & wrapping up in blankets, because I could never get warm enough. A neighbor of ours had urged us to have our Heating system serviced in the fall, but we were too busy and never got around to it. After the snowstorm passed, we contacted a local HVAC company for service. A technician resolved the problems. He completed a thorough cleaning and adjustment to maximize airflow through the system. We now make maintenance of the furnace a regular part of our fall tasks to make sure that our home is prepared for Winter. We have the Heating system serviced so that it operates at peak efficiency.

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