Riding my bike for a workout

For working out, I really like to ride my bicycle.

It’s a great way to burn calories without jarring impact on my knees, ankles or feet.

I like getting outside and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. I can simply ride my bike for fitness purposes or take care of my errands. I have a basket on my bike that allows me to carry a few items. I sometimes pick up groceries and often pack a jump rope and a yoga mat and ride my bike to the park. My biggest problem with the bike is the weather. I live in the northeastern part of the country and we endure a lot of severe conditions. It seems to be always either raining or snowing. The temperature can drop down to twenty below zero. We also get high winds, extreme heat and brutal humidity levels. Because of this, I also have a stationary bike. The stationary bike was a rather expensive purchase. I wanted a good quality model that would be smooth to pedal and include a bunch of helpful features. The bike is able to be adjusted to accommodate the length of my legs and the seat is quite comfortable. It makes very little noise and doesn’t take up all that much space in the house. There is a screen that provides all sorts of information, including the length of the workout, calories burned and heart rate. I can choose from different types of workouts, vary the resistance level and take advantage of a built in fan to keep cool. Working out on the stationary bike is super convenient when the weather doesn’t allow me to ride outside.

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