Staying fit results in better quality of life

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen my friends gradually gain quite a bit of weight.

Many of them deal with a long list of health issues and take a bunch of medications. They have slowed down physically and can no longer enjoy some of their favorite activities. However, none of them do anything to take care of themselves. They aren’t careful about what they eat and they don’t work out. It takes some effort to stay in good shape. I continue to make fitness a priority in my life. I workout every single morning for a minimum of an hour. I combine a cardio workout with strength training and stretching. I push myself so that I’m out of breath, sweaty and my heart is beating hard. I’m not always in the mood to work out. I’m sometimes tired, sore or busy, but I never skip my exercises. I’ve seen the benefit of burning calories and building strength. I’m also very conscientious about what I eat, avoiding red meat, sweets and fast foods. I include a lot of leafy green vegetables and all different types of fruit in my diet. Because I take good care of myself, I remain healthy and fit. I haven’t gained weight, had any health problems or needed to give up hobbies such as gardening, jogging, golfing and tennis. I often get mistaken for someone much younger than my actual age. Staying fit has allowed me to maintain a more youthful posture and energy level. I have encouraged my friends to make more of an effort to workout and eat healthy so that they can lead longer and better quality of lives.
Personal Fitness Expert