Taking advantage of a gym membership

For a long time, I strictly worked out at home.

I had a yoga mat, some free weights and a treadmill. My workouts were rather repetitive and monotonous. While I managed to stay in decent shape, I didn’t see much improvement or achieve any new goals. The workouts became rather stale, and I struggled to stay motivated. My husband bought me a gym membership for my birthday. At first, I doubted I’d get my money’s worth out of it. I figured that I’d never make time for the twenty minute drive. However, once I got started at the gym, I absolutely loved it. I’ve now become a regular and visit the gym at least four times per week. I spend a minimum of an hour there and take advantage of the many amenities. There are so many stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and rowing machines, that there’s always one available for use. There’s all sorts of machines targeted at toning specific muscles, from biceps and triceps to glutes. There’s also a designated weight training area that offers weight benches, dumbbells, kettlebells and free weights. The gym also includes a running track and they offer a wide range of classes, such as pilates, yoga, spin and crossfit. At the end of the workout, I often take advantage of the sauna or steam room. The locker room is outfitted with plenty of showers and lots of hot water. Because of the many options at the gym, my workouts are way more productive now. I continually change up the exercises I do, work different muscles and set new challenges.


Steam rooms