The fire took out the entire living room

I really scared myself a great deal the other day.

My fireplace scene to scare myself and others.

It easily caught the living room directly on fire and it was definitely our fault. We have a fireplace that has been here for years and I should understand how to use them properly. I absolutely have been used to the fireplace and that has caused me to become quite careless. It is absolutely not very good. I placed some wood in the earlier fireplace that did not seem to be set far enough back. That piece fell right out onto the living room carpet and set things on fire. That fire hastily spread and then engulfed the entire living room in some flames. The fire department came to our place and several minutes and each of us were extremely thankful that they were putting the fire out before it had a chance to ruin our entire home. My fiance and I have been discussing using the fireplace much at all anymore. I would totally understand if we don’t choose to use the fireplace ever again. I was incredibly scared to start another fire and now I’ll have myself working in an extra careful fashion. I absolutely saver many of these fireplaces and it’s been a dream to have one for many years. Even my grandfather had a stone fireplace inside the living room. It has become love our own family tradition. I would be absolutely distraught if the fireplace was gone, but it’s understandable to want to keep the house from coming under Fire again.


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