The furnace needs some repairs

Some funny things have happened recently to myself and others.

It seems they happen absolutely due to the fact that I am wand.

I wouldn’t disrespect many other plans, but this is just the same crazy fact. I really do some crazy and ditzy things. I sometimes and usually wish I was level-headed though I am singularly not. I have relied many times on my fiance due to the fact that some things are on my head. One example is turning the furnace off last week when I did not realize it. My fiance was away for multiple evenings during the last week and during that time I did some cleaning. I tried to wash out the oil furnace which was never done. The whole thing was quite dirty and dusty. I really cleans the oil furnace well and didn’t think about it for many other hours until the house was seemingly colder. I tested our thermostat which stated the place was 60°. Something was definitely wrong because the thermostat had been set to 72. I waited for just a bit hoping the problem would get better. I only seemed to get colder and colder until it was 50°. That’s when I called a heating and AC professional to service an oil furnace. I only simply turned off the furnace by accident while cleaning it. The HVAC professional charged myself and some others just because they had to come out to fix the problem. I was extremely embarrassed by the whole crazy situation in the first place.


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