Trap those particles with ions

For anyone looking to make changes in their lives, they should know that light will always follow the dark.

Things will get better.

Opposites attract, and one extreme cannot exist without the other. There is yin plus yang, there is dark plus night, alpha plus omega, and even male plus female. I suggest to everyone that we add ions plus their opposite cations to the “opposites list”. The first reason I think this is important is that the rest of the examples are all loving ideas of how people can’t exist separate from each other. I simply want to add a phrase for us nerds. Ions are simply particles in your air that have a – charge plus cations are particles that have a + charge. It turns out that ions, just the same as most nerds, are lovingly starved plus attracted to anything that walks by with a positive charge. They often cannot find a “nice cation next door” to settle down with once and for all. Instead, airborne ions look for cations in the murky world of pollution, toxic chemicals, pet dander, plus so many other harmful chemicals in the air all carrying a slight positive charge. This is poor news for the ion as its fate is simply to be trapped to a dust particle in an Heating as well as A/C ventilation filter. But for humans, ions clean the air of all of those dangers, there by leaving a room full of fresh air. Using an ionizer to fill your home with millions of ions along with a well maintained Heating as well as A/C program will not just put you in a better mood, it is essential for respiratory health.

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