Upgrading to zoned heating was a good investment.

My husband works from home.

His office is located on the second floor in what was once a spare bedroom.

The office offers a lot of natural lighting. There’s plenty of space and a nice view. However, the office tends to feel overly warm. My husband, attempting to avoid feeling overhead while he works, would frequently lower the setting on the thermostat. Although I sympathized that he needed to be cool in his work area, this adjustment would cause the whole home to cool off as well. Adjusting the thermostat became a big battle between us. I did some research on how to resolve our heating concerns. I suggested we simply close off the vents in his office, but this did not seem to help as much as I had hoped it would. The heating system still seemed to run constantly. We then decided to have a professional HVAC professional to check out our heating system & provide some recommendations. Our Heating System is an older unit, & we were concerned that the problems we were having meant needing to replace it. However, a zoning system was the perfect solution. Upgrading to zoned temperature control has been a fantastic investment for our comfort. With zoning, we have the ability to control the temperature in separate areas of the house independently. This solved the problem of the overheated office. While my husband is working upstairs, he can set the thermostat in his office to his preference without impacting the rest of the house. I can keep my work area warmer and feel comfortable. Plus, we save money on our monthly heating bills.


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