What is the best cooling option?

I recently posted a question to people about what the best heating option is…it got pretty “heated”! Hilarious.

No, seriously, I got my question answered thanks to folks online being forthcoming with their opinions and experiences with different heating options and I appreciate that. Now that I have my heating in order, I would like to do this again. This time, however, I would like to know about cooling options. What’s the best? What is the best central air conditioning option out there? I have had your standard central air conditioning unit my whole life. The central air conditioner at my house is about 28 years old, so I’m in the market for a new one. What are your recommendations? I will put one stipulation in this time though, since I did end up going with a furnace for my heating (and no, I won’t be sharing with you whether it’s gas or electric!) so, the heat pump is out of the equation. I’m not really interested in a heat pump, though. A lot of folks online said that a heat pump is more for people in mild climates. With that information in mind, what’s the best cooling option? I like the tried and true central air conditioner, but what do you think about ductless air conditioning? It looks chic and quiet. Multi split air conditioning is a little more expensive but they last a lifetime! Does anyone know if multi split air conditioning is more energy efficient than the normal central air conditioning unit? I don’t mind paying extra if it saves me money in the long run. Thanks again, internet!
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