Who needs HVAC units anyways

Who needs HVAC units anyway? Where I live, you would never need an HVAC unit.

However, you would definitely need an umbrella and a good roof if you wanted to live where I am.

I know that there are people that dream of living in a perfectly temperate place that doesn’t need any HVAC unit. During the winter, the temperatures are perfect spring temperatures, and there is literally no need for a furnace. In the summer, the temperatures aren’t hot, and you definitely don’t need a central air conditioner. In fact, the temperatures are perfectly comfortable all year long without an HVAC unit. Just like your furnace and central air conditioner work together to help the temperature to remain constant, the climate in this area keeps us comfortable. Of course, I have two smaller HVAC units in my house just in case something happens to our climate that causes a huge change, but for now, I have never needed to use the HVAC system. However, this area is far from perfect. Although I definitely don’t need an HVAC unit, there are other problems with our reason. Instead of a colder winter, we just get a ton of rain. It floods everything completely, and there are entire times when we can’t go outside. Although you can definitely find a place to live where you wouldn’t need an HVAC unit, there is no perfect utopia where you don’t have anything bad to balance out the good. However, I would rather have rain than the high bills that come from using HVAC units often.

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