Getting older and taking better care of myself

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed I can’t always do the things I used to do as easily.

I don’t have as much energy.

It’s more difficult to say in good shape. I got me to thinking about the decisions I’ve made in life. I realized that I should have been more dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t always make smart choices when it came to my eating habits. I haven’t always been diligent about properly stretching and warming up before strenuous exercise. Not that I’m older, I’ve found that I need to be more careful with my body. It’s far too easy to get injured or end up terribly sore after a workout. I now follow a strict routine. I go to bed and get up at the same time. I get a good eight hours of sleep and start my day with an hour of physical activity. I devote at least fifteen minutes to a gentle warm up. I stretch all of my muscles and work on strength and balance. I combine static holds with lifting free weights, lunges and squats. I spend around twenty minutes on abdominal exercises and at least thirty minutes on aerobic exercises. I alternate between running, biking, jumping rope and swimming. While I can’t stop the clock, taking better care of myself has made an improvement in how I look and feel. I am convinced that I’m aging more slowly. I’ve avoided major health problems. I’ve completely changed my diet to incorporate proteins, vitamins, minerals and superfoods.

Workout program

A corporate wellness program is beneficial

I’ve always struggled to stay in shape.

No matter how hard I try to make smart decisions, I tend to cheat on my diet. This is especially a problem when I got out to eat. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to a nice restaurant and ordered an entree with pasta and cheese. When I’m at work, there are often cookies, cake and donuts for everybody to snake on. People will bring in pizza to share. There always seems to be some special occasion with fattening food. I tend to indulge. I like junk food and snack in-between meals. It’s very difficult to resist. Everyone in the office has had a problem with weight gain. We all complained about soreness in our joints and a sluggish feeling. Some of my coworkers began talking about implementing a corporate wellness program. I had never heard of a corporate wellness program. This program combines physical training and nutritional counseling. It’s offered at our place of work at no charge. It is a fantastic opportunity to get into better shape. I hoped this wellness program would help me to follow better eating habits and become more active. A group of us petitioned the boss to implement a corporate wellness program. The boss saw the benefits and was immediately on board with the idea. It didn’t even take long to get everything set up. Within a month we had the corporate wellness program running. We were overwhelmed by the response of our workforce. We now have a personal trainer come to the building three times per week. Nutritional counseling is offered as a group class. Because of this, we’ve all started eating better. We now bring healthy snacks into the office. We also participate in exercise classes and fitness challenges. The personal trainer works with everybody to achieve their personal physical fitness goals. It has been great for everybody.


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I achieved my physical fitness goals with a personal trainer

For the longest time, I have been dedicated to working out at the gym.

I was super proud of myself when I first signed up for a gym membership.

The thing is, no matter how much I worked out, I was never able to achieve my fitness goals when it came to strength and weight. I spoke with a few other members of the gym and asked how they were get such excellent results. They said it required a lot of time, effort and proper eating habits. I looked into nutritional programs and considered looking into either personal training or smaller group training classes. I wasn’t certain how well I would do with a larger class. I was leaning more toward a personal approach to keep me interested and challenged. So I decided to work with a personal trainer. I have been totally satisfied with this decision. I have never had a personalized training experience. From the first consultation, he started improving my eating habits and increasing the intensity of my workout routines. The personal trainer was skilled with creating customized strategies and a nutritional plan I could live with. I’m so glad I chose a personal trainer instead of getting into group classes. The group physical training wouldn’t have proved as beneficial. I need to be held accountable. It made me far more dedicated to achieving my physical fitness goals. I have been so pleased with the results. I’ve lost weight, gained strength and look and feel far better.
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My friends don't lie to me

When my girlfriend broke up with me, I felt very depressed and sad. We were together for 8 months and I didn’t know that she was unhappy. When she told me that she found someone else, I was devastated and distraught. I begged her not to leave, but she packed her bags and left. I spent a week in my apartment and never came out of my room. The depression lasted for months. I started to gain weight, because I never left the apartment. My friends were beginning to get worried and concerned, so they staged an intervention to help. My best friend told me that I looked awful and smelled even worse. He made me take a shower and put on some clean clothes. After that, we went to the gym for a workout. I didn’t want to go to the gym and I didn’t want to exert any energy either. I went because my best friend forced me to go. After an hour of sweating, I actually started to feel better. I went to the gym with my best friend everyday for 2 weeks. With my mind concentrating on physical activity, I didn’t have much time to mourn the loss of my girlfriend. I’m glad that my best friend came to help, because the physical activity helped with my mental anguish. There are a lot of great benefits to working out, and those benefits are far greater than losing weight or looking better. Physical activity is a great way to remove and release stress, and that is a great benefit to the mind and soul.

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The toilets in the locker room are not working

I am the manager for a very busy fitness center. The gym has been open for the past 10 years. The building was old when the gym moved into the space. Some things are starting to break due to excessive wear and tear. The fitness center is always filled with people . The plumbing and HVAC never get a break. Sometimes the rooms are filled with 100 people or more. The showers, sauna, and locker rooms are always crammed with people. One of the main reasons is because this fitness center is open 24 hours a day There is never any down time to repair minor problems and issues. We even have patrons at three in the morning. When things go wrong around here, it is usually a really bad and big problem. Last week, the toilets in our locker room were not working. One of the toilets was backed up and that must have caused a major plumbing problem. I called the local plumbing contractor first thing on Monday morning. He told me to stop folks from using that locker room. I immediately placed a do not enter sign on the front of the locker room door. The plumber didn’t show up until almost noon, and the locker room was closed all morning. I received a lot of angry complaints from our customers. Some folks even called the corporate center to complain about the problem. Since the locker room was closed, most people had to use the small bathrooms to change. I know it was inconvenient for everyone, but we had the plumbing problem fixed later that day.
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Refreshing the climate in the yoga studio

My wife and I met when we were in college.

My wife was studying to be a nurse and I was starting to teach history to 5th graders.

We met through some mutual friends and found out that we had a lot of things in common. One funny thing was that we both belong to the same yoga studio. I was attending yoga classes on Tuesday and my and my wife was attending yoga classes on Wednesday. One of our first dates was to join each other in our yoga class. Each one of the classes was led by a different instructor, so it was interesting to see how another teacher runs their yoga class. My wife and I have always enjoyed yoga together. Now we are married with children and a home of our very own. Since we still enjoy yoga, my wife and I decided to turn the garage into our own yoga studio. The space is quite nice and there is plenty of room to stretch out and relax. We also save money on classes, because we can workout at home. Last month, we decided it to add heat to the yoga studio. Our local heating company helped us with the installation process. We chose a small radiant heater that is installed in the ceiling. We have a switch that controls the on and off function and a thermostat to control the indoor temperatures. We spent a small amount of money to add heat to the room, but this winter we will be much more comfortable during the cold season.


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Monthly sale on new gym memberships goes stunningly well

Last month we had a sale on new gym membership fees.

I was in charge of coming up with the advertising program.

I thought it would be a good idea to lower the initial fees. I hoped it would get more people in the door. I was 100% correct and that plan worked out very well. We lowered the initial fee from $159 to $99. We also lowered the monthly gym membership fees by six dollars. On the last weekend of the month, we held a free weekend membership event. Anyone who came through the doors could enjoy free membership benefits all weekend. These free benefits included the pool, sauna, group fitness classes, and the use of our indoor track. The customers had to provide us with their email address and phone number to enjoy the free privileges. With all those email addresses and phone numbers, we can send out monthly flyers for group training classes, personal training classes, and other gym activities. During the free weekend event, we had 63 people sign up for monthly memberships. Last time we had a free member weekend, we only had 40 people sign up. This advertising program was a huge success. We will probably keep the membership fees low for the next few months. The gym never gets very busy until the weather starts to get warm. The thought of summer bikinis and swimsuits makes everyone want to look better and feel better. We always have a membership surge in the middle of April, May, and June. By mid October, the numbers start to dwindle once again.



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Finding a positive way to work through the pain

Most of the time we are working on core exercises

When my dad died, I was shocked and upset. He was only 62 years old and I expected him to live forever. He had a heart attack in the middle of the night and did not wake up in the morning. My mom was completely distraught and everyone in our family was surprised. It definitely shocked us, because none of us were prepared for the loss. My dad and I were always very close and I took the loss personally. I moped around my apartment for weeks and weeks. I was angry, sad, and I had a lot of time on my hands. The pastor at my church suggested that I find a positive way to work through my grief and pain. My therapist thought that a group physical fitness class might help. Luckily, there are some group physical fitness classes available at the same building where my therapy sessions are held. My therapist provided me with a brochure on the group physical fitness classes that were available. Zumba didn’t look like something that I would enjoy, and cycling on a stationary bike didn’t sound like fun either. The building offered a group physical fitness class on weight lifting, and I thought that sounded interesting. That weight lifting class is twice each week. Most of the time we are working on core exercises. I am already up to bench pressing 225 pounds. The physical exercise has really helped with my sadness and depression. I still miss my dad every day, but at least I found a way to cope with the sadness.

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Personal trainer provides motivation

I tried joining one of the local gyms but only went a couple of times. I wasn’t confident in the proper way to use the equipment and felt intimidated by the people who seemed so knowledgeable. I attempted to workout on my own but had trouble getting motivated. I treated my workout as a necessary task, much like brushing my teeth or folding the laundry. I certainly didn’t enjoy it, and I always looked for reasons to skip it. I finally met up with a personal trainer, who created a customized workout program, meal plan and overall health strategy to meet my specific needs. I used to spend my whole workout strictly running or bicycling. I’d end up with sore muscles and use this as an excuse to avoid physical activity. My personal trainer challenges me. He provides instruction, information and motivation. Working out with him is always a positive experience. He makes the most of my time and pushes me to work harder and achieve new goals. The personal trainer continually introduces new exercises to maximize results. I started out with a goal to lose weight, but have adjusted my focus to building muscle, trimming fat and staying healthy. The personal trainer incorporates strength training with cardio. I’ve learned the importance of a dedicated warm up, cool down and stretching. When I experience a plateau and stop seeing results, I don’t lose my incentive to continue. The personal trainer introduces new challenges and changes up the workout. He sets realistic and healthy fitness goals and guides me toward success. He holds me accountable by checking my progress.

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Hydration is key to running

I am an avid runner and frequently participate in marathons.

I’ve learned the hydration is vital.

When I don’t drink enough water, my performance suffers. Insufficient hydration puts the body at risk of serious health problems. Water supplies energy to the body’s cells and cushions the joints. It removes waste and regulates body temperature. By drinking plenty of water, I minimize the chance of injury and cramping and speed up my recovery time. Whether the outdoor conditions are hot and humid or cloudy and chilly, I know that I still need to hydrate. The body generates twenty times more heat during a run, no matter the weather. While sweat helps to cool the body, it also results in the loss of water and electrolytes, such as sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Sacrificing more than two to three percent of body weight through fluid can lead to dehydration. Fatigue, headache, cramps and increased heart rate are signs of dehydration. I weigh myself before and after a run to determine how much fluid I’ve lost. I know that this fluid needs to be replaced. I make sure to drink water before, during and after my run. I start drinking extra amounts of water two to four hours before heading out on a long run. I don’t bother with sports drinks. I usually stick with plain water and sometimes add electrolyte tablets. I am conscientious about hydrating for 24 hours after the run, and I snack on healthy, water-based foods such as strawberries, watermelon and oranges. I take the time to warm up before the run, properly stretch and cool down afterward.

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