I can seat up to 8 people

I was listening to the stereo, and heard they were running a contest.  The grand prize was a kitchen makeover worth $5,000. I looked at our refrigerator, as and I knew the price I had paid for that. They were showing a complete kitchen makeover, including window treatments, wall treatments, modern cabinetry, flooring and appliances. My refrigerator costs half of the $5000 so I was pretty sure it was going to be a lot more than that.  Don’t get me wrong, I did put in our bid on that prize, because that would save me a lot of money. We are planning on installing modern cabinetry and doing a complete makeover of our kitchen. The thing is that I have already been going through magazines and have been online. I know the exact makeover I want to do in our kitchen. I love the rural charm of the Tuscan Beauty. I love the way the hook is over the stove. There is an island that can be used for prep work, as well as it is set up to seat up 8 or 9 people. I’m sure if our kitchen were larger, I could get a larger island.  Everything is so compact and together, and since I love to cook, I wouldn’t be running from one side of the room to the other to find our spices as well as herbs. My fiance cringed at the price, but he agreed that the Tuscan Beauty unquestionably was gorgeous as well as practical. Maybe I’ll start redesigning our bathrooms when I get our kitchen done. I just can’t tell my fiance that I’ve already found the perfect bathroom.

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This is not as modern as I thought it’d be

My cousin purchased a home recently.  He came across a real steal, when the old owners were moving into a retirement home, and the family didn’t want anything that was in the house. He got the furniture and all of the drapery. There was even bedding, which I mentioned he should sanitize well, as well as the dishes. It is a lovely home, and his wife fell in love with the living room suite. She told me that there was a bathroom attached to the living room, however there was no sink or bathing area. She asked about washing hands, and I told her maybe they were too outdated to remember that part. She looked ill when I said that, but they went right out and got a sink, stand, and I volunteered my hubby to help them install it. I couldn’t believe the find they got. The furniture is so stunning. It is a mix of Old World and Contemporary. There is custom upholstery on the sofa and the loveseat. The craftsmanship that went into the upholstery was magnificent. The corner cabinet looked to be handmade, and it was ornate with scrollwork along the window door, and the hardware was stunning. When they told me about this house, I was kind of skeptical, I have to admit, however it is a really beautiful house. They are lucky to have found it.  Now, all they need to do is finish that bathroom, and get a sink and shower in there. Maybe they will choose something sleek or modern. I am partial to nickel plating plus porcelain, but they don’t like that idea.

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Improving my comfort

It is important to me to always buy products which were manufactured within the US.  Whether I’m purchasing a new car, furnace, air conditioner, shoes, or furniture, I check to see where it was built.  When it came time to remodel my living and family room, I had some trouble finding American made furniture, draperies and accessories.  I was unwilling to invest in pieces constructed oversees of bad quality materials. The lightweight couch and table I found were obviously built mainly of pressboard, and wouldn’t last more than a couple of years.  I finally started researching online, looking for superior standards of craftsmanship. I came across a custom furniture shop which offered a wide variety of products and services, including custom designed and manufactured home furnishings, bedding, and window treatments.  All of their pieces are created in-house, built actually in their workshop and totally American made. I took advantage of a free custom design consultation and was impressed with the wide scope of options and expertise of the specialist I dealt with. She listened to my expectations, preferences and goals for the living and family room and explained that I was going for a transitional design.  I didn’t even know what a transitional design was, but it’s the combination of traditional and contemporary furnishings and decor. Light and fresh, this type of design retains classic lines but incorporates new colors and pieces. My design specialist helped me blend textures with soft edges, select a color palette and enhance the overall elegance of the space. The balance of functionality, upholstered furnishings, and simple window coverings is absolutely perfect.  

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I would like a custom sofa

When my wife Eileen and I bought our first home, the we didn’t want to keep any of our old furniture.  Our couch, chairs and tables were all cheap quality, old and I poor shape. They weren’t worth the trouble of moving, and so we decided to buy all new. And, the two of us were switching from a small home to a bigger home and didn’t have nearly enough stuff to fill the place. We needed everything from curtains to end tables and bed frames.  I figured we’d head to a local store, pick out a bunch of furniture and have it delivered to the new house. Eileen and I then spent hours looking at one store after another, looking over all weird styles of furniture. We weren’t ecstatic with the quality, colors, or the choices available. When Eileen brought up the idea of working with a custom furniture shop, I instantly assumed we wouldn’t be able to afford it.  However, the difference in cost wasn’t all that much. While the custom furniture was definitely more high-priced, it’s of way better quality and should last far longer. I’m hoping not to need to replace my couch because of a sagging cushion. A guy from the custom furniture shop came right to the home to take measurements and discuss our preferences in and goals. He discussed everything from price to how the we planned to utilize each room.  We talked about color choices, the mood of the room, and several styles of furnishings. We also sorted through endless fabric swatches for upholstery, pillows, curtains, rugs, and bed linens. It was a long and difficult process, but the end result was definitely worth it. Eileen in and I couldn’t be happier with how our home turned out.

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Measuring the voltage

My kid wanted a pet for his upcoming birthday.  I had avoided this topic for as long as I could. As with most boys, he was an creature lover.  It didn’t matter what type or where every one of us saw it. He loved cats, cats, lizards plus squirrels.  In fact, he is so comfortable with creatures that he had the patience to get a squirrel to eat from his hand at a park on day.  So I couldn’t deny him the opportunity to adore his own pet. Besides making sure that he would be responsible to feed, clean plus take care of whatever pet every one of us decided to get him, I also wanted to know how the pet hair plus dandruff would affect our heating and air conditioning system.   I was told by our heating and air conditioning service guy that even if our pet has short hair, their fur and even dander could build up in the air filters. This is because the AC sucks up air in the lake house when it or the oil furnace blows air throughout the house. If our lake house is filled with pet hair, creature dander or even other contaminants, they could accumulate on the filter, then end up clogging it.  When an air filter is clogged, it forces the heating and air conditioning equipment to work harder to produce heated or cooled air. Of course, when the proposal has to work harder because of inefficient parts, it pulls more electricity plus increases our utility bill. I thought long and carefully about this decision and how it may affect our heating and air conditioning system. Besides having an effective way to handle the pet hair plus dandruff floating around the beach house, I had to have a preventive plan for maintaining the heating and air conditioning system.  The heating and air conditioning service professional suggested that every one of us change our air filter quarterly on a official schedule plus invest in an whole-beach house air purifier.

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I was given a lot of advice

In the last fifteen or twenty years, genuinely working from home or remotely has grown in importance to employees and their employers.  For me, the flexibility plus the benefits of being at home for work were numerous! To begin with, the commute from the bedroom to our up-to-date dining room is a whole lot less stressful than the thirty minute drive that I used to make to the office five times a week. Not to mention, that I could stay in my pajamas or pull on some comfortable sweatpants to begin my work day.  During the Wintertime, not having to bundle up for the cold outside temperatures is an amazing bonus. One of the possible drawbacks to genuinely working from home could be the constant use of your heating and cooling system. When I began genuinely working from home, I was determined not to have an excessive utility bill due to having to use the heating system or the A/C system more during the day.  I discovered that keeping our heating and air conditioning components serviced always was key to our energy savings. I instantaneously set an appointment with a local heating and air conditioning company to have our heating system serviced, since it was the beginning of Wintertime. The single preventive maintenance that my hubby knew to perform was exchanging the air filter. So I wasn’t surprised that the air filter was clean plus it didn’t need to be replaced.  However, when the heating and air conditioning contractor checked the burners in the heating system, he noted that they were dirty plus needed cleaning. The furnace serviceman explained that dust often accumulates on the burners during the summer season, so he cleaned the burners plus made sure that they were not rusted and were aligned. The heating system was running well plus the condo was heated comfortably when I strolled into our up-to-date dining room the next day still in my slippers.

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Air quality is hard to control

Last weekend, me and my girlfriend took a trip to a nature reserve and it was awesome. There was this beautiful waterfall in the midst of the park. Tourists are even given a chance to ride in a helicopter over the waterfall to get that breathtaking aerial view. Me and my girlfriend decided we would go for it! As we began the helicopter ride I realized that there was no air conditioning in the chopper. It was pretty steaming up there too, so I was hoping I would make it through the trip. The pilot assured me at the ride was not all that long, and I should be fine. I must say that we got a beautiful bird’s-eye view of the waterfall and the surrounding rainforest. Even as I was enjoying it though, I was hoping it would end soon so that I could get a break from the heat and humidity. Finally, the ride was over. Later, as we left the park at dusk, we decided to check out a nearby restaurant that looked like it would be nice. And nice it was! First of all, the powerful A/C was fantastic, and cooled us off after a long hot day of exploring. The food was also great, and we just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed ourselves in the cool breeze of the air conditioning. We ordered ice cold drinks too, which the waiter made sure to top off whenever we were running low. I decided to give a generous tip as we left, since we had enjoyed ourselves so much and we would surely be coming back soon!

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We’re going to get everyone together

The other day, the people I was with and I decided to order some take out food at this nice restaurant! It’s a popular place, so we wanted to beat the crowds and order out. The whole family was ready to go, however when I went to turn on the a/c inside of our van, to my horror, the air conditioning was barely registering! I knew I would have to buy refrigerant so I could get ti running well again. It was a hot and annoying experience driving to the restaurant with the kids complaining even with the windows rolled down. I guess it could have been worse. Stopping at lights was pretty bad, because the air from outside stopped blowing. When we went in to order our dinner, all the kids were afraid I was going to leave them in the car. I absolutely wouldn’t want to leave them out there in that overheated van even with all the windows rolled down. When we went through the door of the restaurant, their air conditioning was working powerfully! It felt so nice and cool inside. When we ordered and received our food, we lingered inside the place for a little while longer, enjoying the nice coolness of the a/c before we had to go back home inside an overheated van. We certainly weren’t looking forward to that. The following day, I made sure to get that refrigerant and get the a/c in working order, then after that, there was very chilly air coming from the vents and it felt wonderful! My kids were hesitant to go for rides in the van again until I showed them the a/c was working well again.

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I have bene dating for a while

Now that I’m 45, I often look back on the decisions that I made back in college because I did what most people do. I graduated from high school, got a part-time job in the summer, then went away to college. I lived in a dorm for two years and then in an house with friends for three more years.  When I graduated, I went out and looked for a professional position. The only problem was, with my major in psychology, all of the jobs seemed to be taken already! I ended up now working in a boutique as retail manager for years before I found a job that involved what I went to college to do. Hindsight gives you perfect vision. I now wish that when I graduated from high college that I had gone to a technical college to learn the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning trade. That might sound odd.  I have learned that heating and A/C is a field that is constantly increasing, growing and evolving. Heating and A/C technicians seems to enjoy it. It also seems like it would be a particularly exciting industry to work in. In my opinion when you think about it, there’s never going to be a shortage of work. I mean, from now until kingdom come, people are constantly going to need their gas furnaces ran tests on fixed. People are constantly going to want air conditioning in the summertime and the air conditioning is constantly going to breakdown from time to time! The best thing about it is the cost of heating and A/C education. It doesn’t cost that much to become proficient at heating and cooling work. So your student loans don’t end up being as much as a traditional college at all.

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I will tend to the issues

You know, some things never cease to amaze me.   Being a homeowner comes with all kind of surprises, especially if you own an older home that has had several previous owners throughout the years! That’s the case with our house; It’s the oldest home in our entire city.  My husband and I have found all kinds of things in this house that you wouldn’t believe. Behind out our electrical wiring panel, we found an old military shoe. It dated back to 1942! We also found antique soda bottles buried in the ground beneath our deck. If you don’t know what an antique Pepsi bottle looks like, you are very missing out! The most recent thing was just crazy and dangerous. So we started having some complications with our heating and cooling system in our house. The heat would never run when it was supposed to and the cooling system wouldn’t cool correctly, either. It was very absurd and was driving us crazy.  We didn’t have the money to call a professional Heating and A/C specialist to come out and evaluate it for us, and we figured that our cooling system and our furnace was halfway completed like the rest of the house. WIthout fail, when we went down to the basement to inspect the Heating and A/C unit, everything was done in a shoddy and unprofessional manner. We’d never inspected the heating and cooling system unit very carefully, because we’d never had a problem with it before. After both of us started examining it, we were astonished that we’d lived in the home without it burning down! The way they had the cooling system component wired and taped all over the unit was such a fire hazard. So we had to absorb the cost and call the local Heating and A/C company to come out and take a look. He did some repairs and got everything up to code on the cooling system unit.

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