The heated flooring is great

Anytime you watch a romantic movie it usually includes fixing something in a house.  It’s a real bonding moment for the couple and goes real smooth. The young couple choices their paint colors, paints and decorates at the end.  Everything goes really well. They laugh, cuddle and then drink wine when they are done! My girlfriend Stella and I decided to buy a ranch style home to remodel.  Our experience was nothing like the romantic movie fix up montage. In our defense Stella and I are not handy people naturally. The worst part of our renovation was when we tried to install our central a/c. Luckily, the home already had the air ducts in place.  It seemed simple enough, all we needed to do was connect, mount and properly install the a/c. First, the a/c was way heavier than we thought it was going to be. Stella ended up dropping her half and dented the unit. There was not loving giggling at this point.  Mounting the A/C component was not a laughing moment either. We did not have the right tools and I don’t really know if it is real secure. Next, hooking the air duct to the a/c was like trying to speak Swahili. I looked at images online, watch DIY videos and tried to remember all of the information. Stella thinks I did it wrong, I suppose I did it good enough! Our cooling system does work.  We get A/C in every room of the house, without any trouble. Honestly, The a/c looks rough and makes a super loud noise. My girlfriend says this is because we did a horrible job. I am willing to let the noise go since I don’t want to go through the A/C installation process again. I suppose we did nice enough for being a normal romantic couple, rather than a romantic movie couple. Our montage would have been pathetic.

indoor air quality 

I’m hoping the temperature stays the same

This is the second summer that I am going down south to stay with our brother. My brother just bought an old lake house and wants me to spend as many weeks with him as I would like.  I am pumped to spend the time in the warm sunshine as well as have time to go to the beach! The only disadvantage is that my brother’s lake house is a real fixer upper, he is allowing me to stay for so long because he will earn his money back in labor. His wife recently told me that their home does not have a central air conditioner yet.  Because he is a cheap person, he is not having an air conditioner professional install the A/C system, he is waiting for me to arrive for the summer, so that we can tackle the cooling replacement together. I checked, and the weather is supposed to be in the low 90s when I arrive! Not having any A/C is going to be rough, doing manual labor with no air conditioner will be a nightmare, and also the replacement of central air does not look to be a simple job. My brother and I will need to demolition his walls and ceilings. Secondly, the two of us need to fit in the eight inch wide metal ductwork. The ductwork needs to extend through the whole lake house as well as have open spots for air vents. The final step is hooking the ductwork to the air conditioner device. I can’t forget the setting up of the temperature control. I don’t think my brother and I have these skills.   But I am willing to try for a free place to stay for a couple of weeks during the summer. I guess the heat will be the motivation that will make us work harder as well as faster.

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Studying for my test

When I was in college down south , I majored in English. Because of my love for literature in addition to writing, it felt like a natural fit for me. Most of the classes I took were held in the same building, so that’s where I almost always could be found throughout the week. I can recollect one specific instance when the A/C system in the building I had class went out. It was a real dilemma sitting through all of my classes since my classmates and I were way too hot but there was nothing any of us could do! Missing class wasn’t an alternative for me because it was the month before finals, and we had been told we all needed to have all of the same notes. I can even remember our educators whining about the A/C concerns, so I know it wasn’t just us. I guessed that the college had already called the Heating and A/C specialist to come out and repair the unit, however the delay seemed way too long. Seriously, we all spent many mornings suffering in a building that just wasn’t equipped for our use. The whole problem made me ultimately realize how crucial A/C systems are on school campuses. Spring year would have felt particularly cruel if our classrooms or shared spaces didn’t have cooling systems. I imagine it requires a lot of work to keep a campus running. The A/C outage really through a wrench in our plans though, but we all made it through.  By finals week, the Heating and A/C unit was back in pristine working order, in addition to all of us having the ability to take our tests without being distracted. I sure am overjoyed because I don’t even know how I would have passed if I had been subjected to taking my tests in the heat!

HVAC job not that good

When I was sixteen I had had enough of my parents.  I’m not always the smartest of people, and I keep be reminded of that by my therapist, but I hated school and I hated my parents.  I really that that at sixteen, I was ready to be on my own, and do what I wanted to do. I was tired of sleeping in a cold bed every night, because the furnace didn’t work well, and you never knew if you were going to have enough heat to keep you from freezing, let alone to keep you warm.  I was getting upset with listening to my parents yell at me and at each other, at least twice a day. I was tired of living in a drafty old home without heating or air conditioning. When I saw an ad in the newspaper for new HVAC technicians, I thought that would be the end all of the problems in my home.  The problem was that I was only sixteen. I loved the idea of being heating, cooling and ventilation expert. I could be out of the house, making money, and I would have the best HVAC equipment in my own home. I didn’t count on them needing my birth certificate to prove my age. They ended up calling my parents and having them pick me up.  After talking to my therapist, the only reason I ran away to be a HVAC tech, was because I thought the chick in the HVAC technical school ads, was pretty cute.

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The lady left it on

I sometimes question if I made the best decisions I could have made when it came to building my place a few years ago. After finally working very diligently at my position and saving money for quite some time, I was finally in a position to acquire some land and build my own home! Of course because of this I was super happy and I wanted to make everything special made to what I would rather have in a home. From the looks of things, the one thing that I didn’t put much of an opinion into was my Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit. I went with a run of the mill heating and cooling system, even though I recently read an article about all of the features that Heating, Ventilation and A/C units can have now! One that I honestly wished I had looked into was an area controlled Heating, Ventilation and A/C component. I’ve researched that these allow a homeowner to regulate the temperature to something personal in each room of the house. With a partner that is usually arguing that he is too hot, this would be a great choice. With the area controlled Heating, Ventilation and A/C component, he could allow the air conditioner to run at a low temperature while I am able to keep the room I was sleeping in at a higher temperature. This may not sound like a huge predicament, but it would typically allow us to save a lot of power and money on the utility bill, savings like that can go a long way, especially when they all add up at the end of the year. Maybe one of these days the two of us will go back and have this type of A/C installed where I live. For now though, we’ll just have to get by with the component that the two of us already have!

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I think I could get hired in HVAC

I hate going through the whole process of putting in applications.  I have been doing this online for weeks now. It seems everyone wants you to set up an account and give them all of your information.  Then when you get to the application, you put all of the information into the application, a second time, before you even get to any of the nitty gritty that goes into the application.  I don’t know who came up with application process, but they must be nuts. I’ve had it with giving everyone all of my personal information, and then you don’t even get a courtesy e-mail that tells you if they have looked at your information, or even interested.  It is just a short blurb to say that your application has been received. I’ve decided I am going to fill out one more application, and that is going to be to a HVAC company. I know more about HVAC than most people. I’ve never had any formal training, but having the working knowledge about heating, cooling and ventilation system, should mean something to people.  I’m willing to get certified if they insist, but they should pay for it. I have always worked on my own furnace and air conditioning systems. I’ve got hosed by some of those HVAC companies who charge you an arm and a leg because they were only ones available. That is when I started to figure out the way the HVAC unit works, and how to fix it properly. Now, I want to be the one who is doing the hosing.

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Motivation is a struggle

When it rains, never leave my house; I work from home so I don’t really have any meeting to go to, or any real reason to outright have to be outside.A few weeks ago, however, there were massive thunderstorms, and in the middle of the day my a/c just stopped working. I had been having a few troubles with it for a while, and I was very certain that it had to do with that outside compressor. Even though I did want to take a look at it, there was no way I was battling through the rain! After an hour, though, I was starting to get uncomfortable, and with the cooling system out and the rain fully setting in I couldn’t even open up the windows to get some air flowing. I had to suck it up. I too my coat out and went around the back, and I nearly ended up staying there for nearly an hour working on that Heating and Air Conditioning unit, but finally, I managed to figure it all out! I was finally able to go in, dry off, and get back to work; though I feel that I’m going to have to invest in a new heating and cooling system soon, but I’ll try to put that off for as long as I can. I want to save up just a little bit more cash before I start replacing things. If I can keep the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit in good shape for another month or maybe two, I bet I’ll feel all that more comfortable when the technician comes to replace it.

indoor comfort 

The a/c control

Everyone has their own way to cope with daily stress and anxiety. For me, every Saturday I plan a new hike. I live in a locale fitted with a lot of beautiful nature trails, mountains, and streams, so I do my best to take advantage of this very lovely setting. Last weekend I found a new trail that had some new and appealing hilltop views, but those views required a superb bit of difficult uphill hiking. By the time I returned to my car, I was feeling incredibly tired and worried to get back home. When I walked through the door that day, I went straight to the hallway so that I could easily adjust the thermostat and get the air conditioner running. After doing exactly that, I crashed on the couch. It felt so superb to sit myself down and rest beneath the air vent because the cool air was exactly what I felt like I needed after that long hike. I fell asleep suddenly, and I didn’t even wake up for several hours! I suppose I really did get a workout in at that point, and my body needed some rest and relaxation to recuperate from the adventure. Still, I didn’t plan on sleeping that long! I was still feeling a little angry with myself because I do my best not to overlabor my poor old cooling system love that. Doing so can lead to some pretty significantly hefty energy costs. I knew that I had upped my bills easily a little bit with that mishap, so as soon as I woke up and finally realized what time it was, I darted back over to the thermostat to turn the cooling method off.

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This is not right

I never really had the thought that some people in our country have no need for cooling systems until I moved to the west, I was given a career opportunity with an organization that was based on the west coast, and before moving there I made sure to do my research, and was able to sign a lease before I even packed my things. But when I arrived, I suddenly noticed that there oddly wasn’t a thermostat to be found in the whole apartment. After some looking around, I gave the rental office a call only to to find that cooling systems just aren’t all that necessary in the region because it really never gets hot enough for long enough to warrant one; That made sense, I suppose, though life without air conditioning was something that I had never ever even considered. While it was true that the local weather was pretty mild around here most of the time, there were still those days where I longed for the convenience to be able to turn on a nice cooling system and get some cold air pumping through my rooms. However, after so long, I did adjust to living there; when I was hot I just ended up turning on the fans or opening up the windows, and I have to admit that not having to run an Heating and Air Conditioning unit honestly saved myself and I’m sure plenty of others money when it came to the utility bill, so that was something that was definitely a plus out of the change, however, if I ever end up relocating again, I will likely have to get used to paying a higher power bill again. I’m not sure which I would prefer–the milder, mostly-comfy weather or having the ability to control the overall temperature in my home. I thought cooling systems were essential all throughout my live, although I admit now that it isn’t the case.

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Hoping for a radiant floor system

Sometimes it’s easy for me to get lost in my own head and create a little world of my own. In particular, when I have some extra currency and a afternoon off of work, I really do love to go to local shops and let my imagination run wild. I love digging through and finding new items and trinkets to put in my house because I always suppose that interior design is so fun, but for this same exact reason, I had a real blast when I first built my home. However, after the fun stuff was completed I struggled when it came to picking out appliances and more practical things like that. I had truly no idea where to start when the corporation outright asked myself and others what type of Heating plus Air Conditioning device I wanted to install. I had to do a lot of research before coming to any sort of conclusion. In the end, I would up choosing to install a radiant flooring system in the entire house. I live in a locale where winters are snowy, so I wanted a way to always keep my house as moderate as possible without having to use up a ton of energy. The Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist I then spoke with told myself and others that radiant floors probably would be an excellent investment over time because they would be severely efficient. She ended up being right. In my historic old house, I spend much less on my power bill while in the Wintertime than even several of my friends and neighbors doin modern and energy efficient homes. They waste a lot of energy in their houses each winter because their Heating plus Air Conditioning units have to spend a lot more time running to get the volume of moderate air dispersed throughout the home. Design is no complication for me, and apparently appliances are the same story!

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