I really don’t get that

Currently i’m helping chaperone a session of Bible Camp for a immense group of youngsters for seven whole days. I’m staying in a dorm. It also feels like the humidity is about 100 percent, and the kids seem to be handling it better than the chaperones; Adults do like their air conditioner, I am no exception. At the moment, the youngsters are all running around outside, and it feels like a gas furnace out there. I am in my dorm room with the electric fan blasting right in my face in addition to the central air conditioner coming out through the air vents, but I’m still hot! I suppose I packed all the wrong clothes, too. Everything in my suitcase looks like it’s going to make me sweat bad. I wasn’t actually thinking about the heating in addition to air conditioner situation around here when I packed. The temperatures outside have thrown me for a loop, since I have to walk around this campus to get everywhere I need to be to chaperone the kids. I’m getting a awful feeling that the cooling systems around here are not going to be able to keep up with the demand that all of us people are going to be putting on the HVAC system. I’ve already turned the temperature control thermostat in my room down as far as it will go in addition to I assume the event team will be setting the temperature control thermostat in the main meeting areas to super cold too. I just hope that it works. There’s nothing worse than being crammed into a warm room with a bunch of other warm people!

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How old is this system?

The last time I called for HVAC maintenance, I didn’t expect I would do what I had to do. When the HVAC company was looking over everything, he said that the HVAC maintenance needed would be a little bit costly. To be fair, it was an outdated HVAC unit pushing 20 years.  It was reliable for such a long time. The HVAC worker we telling me he needed certain parts to be replaced that were going to be a bit costly. I just told him whatever it takes. We would be happy with the repair. He proceeded to tell me that I could purchase a new HVAC unit that was way more energy efficient for only a little more money than what it would cost me to service my outdated HVAC system. When he told me this, I was a little bit shocked. He was telling me that because my unit was so old they didn’t even make the parts that I needed anymore. They were a lot more costly because they were hard to get a hold of, that’s why the maintenance would cost so much. He said the unit would run like a champ after the repair, but it would just cost a good deal of money and why not just go for the upgrade? After talking with him about it, I felt he made some good points and I decided to go for the upgrade! We weren’t disappointed with our new HVAC system! Our HVAC company even supplied us a free smart thermostat for going with the new system, and that undoubtedly sweetened the deal!

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I can take care of this

I remember once someone asked me a random question. What was something that I really could not live without. I said that was easy. I totally couldn’t live without our HVAC system! I’m sure they had it pretty rough back in the days when they didn’t have any cooling systems and had to use fireplaces and burning stoves for heating. Being able to simply adjust the thermostat is something that I particularly am spoiled with. I suppose that all the people are spoiled in our country to be honest. I would say that just about anytime any place has their HVAC system break down, everyone wants to complain and they become furious! Honestly, I am never happy when that happens either, but I wouldn’t say that I get outraged by that sort of thing but machines break down over time, that’s why they need to be tested regularly to keep them working great. It’s particularly nothing to become upset about, unless the people working there refuse to do anything about it. Now that’s a different story altogether. Of course, it wouldn’t make any sense for the workers to not do anything because they would be suffering from the brutal heat or nippy cold temperatures just like everyone else! They would likely call the HVAC contractor for services before anyone made a single complaint about the broken HVAC system. I really think that is the case most of the time when that sort of thing happens. I remember once telling the waitress we had that they should adjust the temperature control since it was a bit overheated in the place and she let us know kindly that the HVAC system was experiencing problems and a HVAC contractor was on the way to have a look at the equipment.

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Warm air outside

These days, I live all by myself. Don’t get me wrong, this is the way I like things to be! I used to live with roommates back when I was going to college. Those were some of the worst times. I mean, it wasn’t all terrible but my roommates and I would argue often. While I felt the lot of them were a bunch of slobs that didn’t care about cleaning up after themselves, the largest issue was the use of the HVAC system. Every time I would get back home from work, I would find that they had the air conditioning unit blasting away when no one was even home. Whenever my roommates would leave they would always forget to shut off the HVAC system! I thought that was such a huge waste of electricity, especially when I seen the energy costs! I yelled at everyone that they better remember to shut off the HVAC unit when they leave the house, or they were going to pay a higher portion of the utility bills! They listened for a little while, but later on they started forgetting to turn off the HVAC unit again. I would be so mad and would adjust the thermostat so we weren’t wasting too much, and there were plenty of times when I liked to just open the windows to allow for a cool breeze to come through the house. While I loved doing that and saving money on the energy costs, my roommates didn’t like to go days without the air conditioning blasting away. They would even have the air conditioning blasting when it wasn’t even that hot outside. I learned early on that I didn’t like living with other people. These days I control everything on my own and have no troubles in the least!

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Hearing a knock in the background

This weekend, my wife and I were planning a nice little shindig with our friends! I would be cooking on the grill and everyone would be bringing some good food to eat. My wife was a little anxious about something going wrong. I told her it would be alright. I also said there was nothing to worry about because our HVAC unit would do the talking! What I meant by that was that the we always kept up with our HVAC service. Since I just had our HVAC unit checked out by our usual HVAC specialist, everything was running at full capacity! It was going to be a  hot weekend, in fact one of the hottest on record in recent years. I knew that with that ice-cold A/C system blowing, there was no way that we could possibly have a bad time. The only thing my wife needed to worry about was cooking some of his specialty desserts. She was going to make her delicious chocolate chip brownies and some apple cobbler! What could possibly go wrong with all this delicious food, superior A/C system blasting, and good company? When I explained these things to my wife that sort of eased her worries a little bit. Then she asked what if I burned the food on the grill? I laughed and said “You think I love some burnt food! I’m going to make the meats extra crispy and we’re going to have black hot dogs.” Of course I was kidding about this, mostly. I do like my hot dogs to be a little on the darker side.

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Radiant heating equipment

My roommate plus best neighbor absolutely enjoys dogs, however she’s been allergic to them for a absolutely young age. Fortunately, we’ve found a way to live together the helps keep some of his symptoms at bay. Since both of us live in the northeast, most houses plus apartments here don’t have any kind of central A/C. It’s absolutely chilly here much of the year, so both of us don’t need it. Then however, that also means our houses don’t have a built-in air cleaning plan with AC filters to help keep the air clean. Fortunately, I’ve found a way to help relieve some of his symptoms with a whole room media media air cleaner. I bought a easily nice air purification plan that uses HEPA air filters–itcan clean a section that has even more square footage than our living room… The air filters can trap everything from dust to pollen, plus pet hair and dander. Our media air cleaner works so well that our roommate can finally do what he’s regularly wanted to do plus adopt a dog of his own! He still has to take his prescription medicine if he hugs one of the dogs and plays on the floor. However otherwise he hardly ever needs his medication anymore. Now both of us live together with two dogs plus he couldn’t be happier. The two of us like to curl up and have a drink after a long shift at work, give them their favorite rope toy, and play tug-o-war around the home like lunatics for a few minutes… And the dogs are best friends, just like us.

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This is a bit confusing

A wonderful neighbor of mine has always been obsessed with time. As a matter of fact, he is so fascinated by it that he keeps a bunch of old fashioned clocks inside of his household. He said that time is certainly precious and most people should always be aware of it. He has all of his clocks set precisely at the right time and he has the clocks tuned so they pretty much never show the wrong time. As he prefers his time, he expects things to go prefer clockwork as well… He has a lot of pride in his heating and A/C system being diagnosed right on time. He has an heating and A/C repair provider and he always expects them to arrive right on schedule in order to service his unit to keep it running in pristine condition. I entirely do respect that and wish my heating and A/C supplier would always arrive on time! Occasionally they don’t, but usually I am understanding as the heating and A/C service man usually gives me the reason for his tardiness. However surprisingly, my friend’s heating and A/C maintenance workers never arrive to their appointments late. I believe the reason for that is because it happened once before and my neighbor gave the supplier hell for it–they never showed up late to his place ever again after that incident. I believe I should follow his lead and provide them a strenuous time and then I would never have a heating and A/C repair worker come to my loft late either. I might do something about that, but I absolutely am not going to get a bunch of clocks in my house.

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We want to be covered by a warranty

The other day a buddy called me up! He was certainly crying uncontrollably… When he was finally able to get around to telling me what was wrong, he said he made a terrible mistake! It was hard to get him to finally tell me what the terrible mistake was. He finally told myself and others that he called the heating and air conditioning company for heating and air conditioning maintenance. She continued to sob terribly while I was wondering what was so bad about getting heating and air conditioning maintenance. She then explained that the heating and air conditioning technology specialist convinced him to substitute his heating and air conditioning system. He was hesitant about doing so since he loved his heating and air conditioning system… It was usually reliable until recently it faced a hiccup! The heating and air conditioning tune-up specialist convinced him that an up-to-date heating and air conditioning system substitute would give him much lower energy costs and so he had the up-to-date one installed. It turned out that his up-to-date Heating and Air Conditioning system didn’t do the job as good as his old one did. I was a little bit surprised to hear that, yet it was starting to dawn on me why he was so upset. He just wanted to have his old heating and air conditioning system back! I told him that the system should be covered by a warranty and if he wasn’t happy with the system, perhaps they could get his old system back? That hadn’t occurred to him and he said he would have to try that. He was so terribly sad about losing his old heating and air conditioning system, that he wasn’t thinking about solutions to the issue. He found that his old system was certainly still in their storage area and they hadn’t junked it. They certainly installed his old heating and air conditioning system and repaired it for no charge due to the inconvenience he went through. I was totally amazed and he said his heating and air conditioning unit was running like a champ.

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I’m feeling very lucky

I travel a lot for work. Though most people take planes, truthfully, I hate flying because I get air sick. So, what I normally do is take trains across the country on company trips; I go the upper class rate, because even though it costs more, it gives me comfort on those week long journeys. Then the last train I took was this past summer season, plus it was hotter than a gas furnace outside! I was really thankful that the train had entirely great quality air conditioning! I had one of those sleeper cars. In the sleeper car it was even better than out in the typical section of the train. The air conditioning felt great. So great, I almost thought it was Fall or Winter! There was something about this air conditioning that was unusual from your general air conditioning you would have at lake lake house with a brand new plus current heating plus cooling system. This had a purified air kind of feel, and you would think that on a train, it would be murky. But not on this train it wasn’t! I was really ecstatic with this one identifiable  train company. Not many trains I had been on in the past had top quality air conditioning that had a form of air purification going on with it. Who knows what kind of system they were running in there! All I do know, is I would like to be able to have a heating and A/C system like that for my house. I think they have those A/Cs with the air purification systems. However, I don’t think anything would compare to this. It must be some kind of commercial industrial heating and cooling system of some sort. Again, who knows, however I want one! I look forward to next time on this train.

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That’s pretty bad

Recently, I was looking to get into a new job–the job I had just wasn’t doing me any good. It was really daunting to get up and go into that workplace everyday. I seriously dreaded every single minute of it. One afternoon, I came into some currency from winning a local lottery. Not a whole lot to make me rich or anything…but it was enough to where I wouldn’t have to job for a whole year! So I used this chance to just quit that terrible company and go to university for a new job. I chose the heating and air conditioning industry. During the evenings, I would attend a college that taught everything on heating and cooling careers. This covered everything from sales, to repair, to even the latest in heating and air conditioning technology. It was something I was honestly enjoying! The greatest aspect of it all was, that within the year I could have my degree and become a certified heating and cooling maintenance specialist! So this is just what I did. It was perfect. This was just last year. I finished my final class a few weeks ago, took the test, and starting tomorrow, I will now be a certified heating and cooling repair specialist! I got an interview with a local heating and cooling company here in town. What helped is I knew the owner’s brother. The owner has honestly diagnosed my heating and cooling plan a few times over the years. So, imagine his surprise when he found out I was a certified heating and air conditioning specialist! He was more than overjoyed to hire me. I’m looking forward to my first job, and hope I can repair some heating and cooling systems here in town!