Problems with contacting HVAC company

There is one local HVAC company of mine that I have a love-hate relationship with.

While most businesses that I deal with I either like or dislike, this HVAC corporation can be confusing.

The reason for that is they are so hard to contact! They have their number listed online on their website, but the line is almost busy, and sometimes while on hold, the line cuts off and you have to call them again. It’s incredibly annoying, but when you do finally talk to them, they are really friendly. The few times I have had one of their HVAC repairmen over, they were always very friendly and got the job done quickly and efficiently. I just wish they made it easier to contact them. It’s the same thing on their website, they have mostly good reviews but the ones that are bad all say the same thing, they are hard as heck to talk to. After a few days of playing phone tag, I finally managed to reach them and discuss my problem with HVAC units. I set an appointment for later today, and while I was finally talking to them, I complained about the constant attempt to contact them. The HVAC provider listened calmly and offered a discount for my troubles. I was happy to get a discount, but that still doesn’t solve the contact problem. Hopefully after enough complaining they will get their act together. I looked again at the reviews and it seems that I am not the only one who has complained. If they don’t start listening, then I might just find another HVAC supplier to go with.



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Ready for early time spring

I am so ready for spring! I knew spring was coming early when I started feeling the rays of sunshine touching my face.

The dark, menacing winter clouds were beginning to fade as well as the snow on the ground.

It seemed the birds were chirping louder and pairing up for breeding season, which excited me because I have a vast amount of birds who make nests and I get to watch the baby birds grow up from my window. I also start seeing the little lizards around my yard come out and bask in the sun. I even saw a few rabbits coming out as well. Apart from watching all of the animals come to life, I have my own issues to take care of at home. As always during spring, I have both my heating and cooling systems maintenanced and looked at by a HVAC company. I buy extra a/c filters to change out frequently during the spring, since pollen levels rise. I also take this time to clean out my garage and attic and have a quick sale of any items I don’t want. Even though spring is the time where I am the busiest, it still remains my favorite season because it seems to be the only one with a mild temperature. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot and fall is too chilly. I need to get all of my work and HVAC work done in spring before the hot summer kicks in, and I’ll first start with dealing with my heating and cooling units.



The security supervisor is really smart and knowledge in HVAC work

I work inside a 24-hour gas station.

We saw gas, snacks, drinks, and subs.

Even in the middle of the night, we are usually busy. One of the reasons is due to the fact that we make fresh subs all night long. We have a variety of hot and cold subs available, like meatball parmesan, steak and cheese, ham, turkey, and tuna salad. Six months ago, we had a problem with vandalism. We also had an attempted robbery during the same month. The company decided to hire a security officer to patrol the parking lot and gas station through the evening hours. The security officer is here from sundown until sunup. It’s actually nice to have another person to talk to in the middle of the night. I have been alone for the past year. On Tuesday of last week, we had some trouble with the heating system. In the middle of the night, we lost all of the heat to the store. It started to get cold very quickly, and I did not know how to fix the heater problem. Luckily, the security officer had a couple of ideas. He went to work in the room where the heater is located. He took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. He asked me for a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. We had those items in the office, thankfully. After an hour, the security officer completely fixed the heating problem. I was amazed and happy that we did not have to call the manager at four in the morning.

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I thought stopping for lunch was a good idea

My coworker and I were working on a large HVAC installation job.

We were there at 7:30 in the morning.

My coworker and I stopped to grab a bite to eat on the way to the job. By late afternoon, both of us were starting to get hungry again. I normally don’t like to leave a job in the middle, but we knew that the HVAC installation job was going to take another four or six hours. We decided to stop for lunch. I told the owner of the company that we were going to take an hour for lunch. They didn’t have any problem with us stopping the HVAC installation job to get a bite to eat. My coworker and I decided to go to a Mexican restaurant to grab some tacos, burritos, and nachos. We sat in the work truck and ate all of our lunch. Halfway through my burrito, the bottom fell and all of the burrito contents ended up on my shirt. I had cheese, refried beans, guacamole, and sour cream all over my work shirt. To make matters worse, I did not have an extra work shirt in the truck. I had to work in that nasty shirt all afternoon. When we got back to the HVAC installation job, my shirt looked horrible. Luckily, we didn’t see any of the guys in suits the rest of the day. When we finally finished the job, I took off my shirt and threw it in the garbage can. The next day, I made sure to put a fresh and clean shirt in a bag. I placed that bag in a safe spot in my work truck, so I never have to worry about sloppy lunch mistakes again.


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Hoping I never have a serious problem with my HVAC

I honestly hope that I never have to deal with a serious problem with my HVAC system.

I have heard all kinds of stories about people having their HVAC system breaking down at really bad times.

I couldn’t even imagine what it must be like not having a working heating system during the cold season or even having to pay some enormous repair bill just to get the heating system working again. I would likely be running around like a chicken with their head cut off looking for some portable space heaters while trying to get a hold of the HVAC company. I likely wouldn’t wait for the repair, I would probably go with the emergency HVAC repairs because I wouldn’t want to freeze to death in my home or pay for a costly hotel. I would be worried about the pipes in my home freezing and then I could end up with a flooded basement. No sir, I wouldn’t want to experience anything like that at all. In the summer it would be bad too. If you were in the middle of a terrible heatwave and your A/C quit working, that would be a difficult time for anybody. Because I think about things like this potentially happening to me, I always try to be prepared. I always get my HVAC system tune-ups in the fall and spring seasons. This way I know that it is not likely that my HVAC will break down on me. I know there is no guarantee but I feel like my HVAC company does a pretty good job when they work on my HVAC system.

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Keeping everything in good order at my house

I like it when everything is in order, especially in my household.

  • I can’t stand there being a mess in my home and I certainly can’t stand things like having poor air quality.

This is why I actually hired a professional cleaning service that takes care of the carpets and keeps everything entirely clean in my household. I also signed up for an HVAC system maintenance plan with my local HVAC company. They always come to my home at least 2 times per year to do my regular HVAC system tune-ups. They also come when I call them for other things like ductwork cleaning or if I am having any sort of concern with my HVAC system. I really am happy with the HVAC system maintenance plan because the HVAC workers do such a great job with everything. I don’t even have to worry about scheduling appointments because they always remind me when it’s time for them to check out the HVAC system. I always get compliments about how nice my air quality is. That has a lot to do with the fact that I had an air purification system installed in my home and I use the highest quality air filters. Even the HVAC technicians compliment how clean I keep my home and of course that’s because of the superb cleaning service that I use! Some people might just think I’m lazy because I have to hire the professionals to do everything, but I just like to have everything in proper order! It’s really the best way to ensure that I keep my sanity.


Radiant floor heating

Zoned heating saved us

After all of the fights and arguments that ended up taking place over last summer, my partner and I both knew that we needed to make a change around the house.

We knew that our kids would have a hard time adjusting to the heat and humidity after moving from the northern part of the country to the south, however we didn’t understand how much it would affect them. With the air conditioning running at its highest setting during the summer some of our kids would tell us that they are still too hot, while a few others would complain about being too cold. The fighting didn’t stop at our kids either, my wife and I also had a few intense conversations when it came to what the thermostat should be set at. Not long after doing some research we ended up reading about zoned heating and cooling and how they are able to take care of this problem by having an HVAC service tech a thermostat in a few different rooms/areas within our house. With this form of heating and cooling we would no longer have to watch the kids fight and scrap over the thermostat since each kid has their own thermostat in their rooms. Ever since we made the change to zoned heating I make sure to recommend making the change to all of my friends who have kids. Not only will it help you save tons of money when it comes to your monthly heating and cooling bills, but it will make your life much less stressful on a daily basis!


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I don’t get all the hype

This past weekend my wife and I booked a spontaneous trip up north to spend a weekend snowboarding and spending time soaking up the views.

I don’t know with 100% certainty the reason that we felt this way during our time here, but for some reason we didn’t have a very good time while up north.

My wife has brought up the idea that since we have spent most of our life living in the deep south we were bound to dislike the change of scenery and temperatures, and I think she might have been right the entire time and I just wasn’t willing to listen. The main reason why we weren’t able to adjust to our weekend up north other than the cold weather was the housing situation that we were in. The only source of heating in the home was an old and noisy heater which barely helped keep the temperature high enough to keep from freezing. Coming home from a day of snowboarding and exploring the town was miserable when we knew that we were coming back to a house that was going to be just as cold as it was on the slopes! By the end of it we were so excited to get back home down south that we didn’t even enjoy the second half of our trip. Sure if we were staying in a nice hotel that came with state of the art radiant flooring already installed it would have been a different experience, but I don’t think that we will be giving this place another shot the next time that we go on vacation.



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Life of a musician

For the past ten years I have been making a living as a guitar player in a band.

Being able to pay my bills and support my family by doing what I love is no doubt a blessing and it is something that I feel grateful for each day.

Now even though I am in a band I am far from being anything close to a music icon or anything like this, and since we aren’t as well known as we would like to be we have to find ways to save money while touring around the country. One of the ways that my band does this is by renting older tour buses instead of the fancy new ones that you see on TV. The majority of these old tour buses don’t even have air conditioning, there are no bathrooms, and they are so loud during the night that you have to take a pound of sleeping pills to get any amount of sleep. The noise and having to hold my bladder I have less of a problem with, but not having access to A/C the majority of the day has annoyed me so much over these past few years. This simple necessity that we are lacking is always emphasised whenever we are visiting the south of the country where the temperature can reach into the upper 100’s during the summer. Hopefully once we play a few more shows and get on the radio more we will be able to upgrade to a tour bus that has some decent air conditioning and is a little more quiet. From this point until then I will continue to remember how lucky I am to be a musician in a band I love, even if we don’t have A/C on the bus.

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Finally getting a taste of radiant floors

My dad said that now that they are getting older they don’t want to have to keep chopping wood for the fireplace each winter

Every year during the holidays my wife and I head to my parents house up north. This is without question one of my favorite times of the year because I am able to see my friends and family while also being able to eat some delicious home cooked food. One of the only things that I don’t like as much about heading back north for the holidays was the cold of course. From my youth up until now my parents have lived in the same old three bedroom home that only had a fireplace in the living room as its heating source. It used to get so cold during the night when I was a kid that I would have to wear two sweaters to bed! This time around though, I have been informed that my parents have upgraded to radiant flooring in their home. My dad said that now that they are getting older they don’t want to have to keep chopping wood for the fireplace each winter. I sure wish they would have made this change sooner since I had to spend most of my childhood chopping wood to keep the fire going, but that is beside the point. With radiant flooring there is minimal maintenance and the heating quality is supposed to be outstanding. I will be the judge of the quality of the heating in a few days when we head down to visit, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to stay in a home that isn’t freezing cold during the evening!


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