The corporate wellness classes are great

I work in the loading dock for a major company.

For years the guys as well as I would load up trucks, operate big time machinery as well as then go home at the end of the day. Since the world is altering as well as people are eating bad as well as getting less mobile, the crew has gotten heavier over the years; Due to the additional weight as well as decreased mobility, every one of us started seeing more on site injuries. A ton of guys started leaving work due to injuries. Not only was it high-priced for the business to pay for injured leave, however it was leaving the rest of the boys to pick up the slack. The corporation then invested in a corporate wellness program. The corporation links with a personal training center that offers fitness classes. The corporation demands the loading boys go to a fitness class twice a week. The other nights the class would be totally no charge to us. Taking a fitness class on the weekend, at the personal training center, would be 50% off pricing. I have taken full care of all those deals. I now attend the fitness center 7 days a week. I go religiously after my job as well as on the weekend I start my day working out. I have lost a lot of weight as well as gained some muscle. I have also learned how to fall as well as catch myself, pick up heavy objects without hurting my back as well as several other useful skills too.

Core progression fitness

Needed a health and recovery class to get back in shape

A year back I fell off 1 of the roofs I was doing construction on.

The team had to rush me to the hospital as well as I was out of work for a long time.

My back got totally wrecked as well as I had to do physical therapy. I went to get back massages, stretched everyday as well as even relied on CBD products for pain medicine. My back started to feel decent enough to where I went back to work. After a long work day though, the pain levels were getting bad. I had trouble sleeping as well as I just gave up working out entirely. I put on some weight, lost confidence as well as started to feel quite depressed. Thankfully a buddy of mine intervened as well as told me about a core progression fitness center in the city. They offered health as well as recovery programs for people that are like me. Some of the people were older that wanted to gain more mobility. There were a few students with sports related injuries. However, the majority of people doing the recovery programs were just like me, injured at their job. The health as well as recovery class has been life changing for me. I gained how to properly stretch my body as well as work my tight muscles. I also got to work out for the first time with no pain. Now I go to work as well as come to my fitness class afterwards. I do my fitness class more than 4 nights a week.


A new training center in town

The gym in our city used to be quite a crap show.

It was always disgusting with rundown or out of order fitness gear.

The gym membership costs were cheap as well as you got what you paid for. I always wore sneakers in the shower as well as getting a working treadmill was not easy. The gym not that long ago changed owners. The new owners basically began from scratch. The gym was closed for weeks while updates were being done. All the fitness equipment was tossed as well as substituted with new. The locker rooms were totally revamped as well as redone. Next, the look as well as the layout of the gym is totally different. Rather than a basic gym with membership costs, there is now a personal training center in its stadium. The new gym is twice as high-priced, however twice as good. In order to work out there, you have to do some form of personal fitness program. You can pay for 1 on 1 attention or be in a group. The proposal behind this thought is that someone is actively handling your fitness routine. The gym even offers nutritional counseling to handle the weight loss from a new direction. There are a variety of other things available. There is yoga, spin class, couples fitness as well as even weight training. The gym has totally undergone an amazing fix up. I did guess I would hate always having a fitness expert nearby. I have to say though, it is nice getting a work out trainer when I pay such a high fee.

Group Fitness Training Classes

It costs a lot to outfit a gym

It took me quite a few years to save enough money to open my own fitness center.

The startup costs were huge.

Although I was able to offer a sizable downpayment, it was still necessary to take out a loan to cover the cost of the building and equipment. I had some trouble finding the right building to accommodate all of the requirements of a gym. The space needed to be quite large and in an easily accessible location. I looked for a building in decent condition and that offered plenty of parking. I then was forced to make some major renovations. I put in men’s and women’s locker rooms, each with six separate showers, toilets and sinks. This project meant making some additions to the plumbing systems. I wanted to be sure there would be plenty of hot water, good pressure and reliable drainage. Plus, in my local area, the weather demands heating and cooling for most of the year. I needed an air conditioner that could handle extreme heat and humidity and a heating system that could manage temperatures down to twenty below zero. I was willing to spend more for a higher efficiency HVAC unit to help to trim running costs. I invested in a commercial rooftop unit that is situated out of sight, where operational sounds aren’t a problem. I also had a separate ventilation system installed to help with excess humidity and unpleasant smells. I certainly didn’t want my fitness center to stink of sweat and body odor. One of the biggest expenses was all of the fitness machines and equipment. Outfitting a gym with multiple treadmills, ellipticals, stairmasters, rowing machines and stationary bikes is expensive. There was also the weight training machines, mirrors, mats, dumbbells, weight benches and a lost list of gear to purchase.


Personal Fitness Trainer

Getting physically fit helps with singing career

Ever since I was a small child, I have loved to sing.

  • For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to make my living as a singer.

I’ve taken tons of voice lessons, practiced for endless hours and won all sorts of contests. As I got older, I started getting bookings at the local bars. Although I still needed to supplement my income with a waitressing job, my career was showing promise. I finally was able to sign on with a professional agent. The agent told me that my voice and stage presence were impressive but that I needed to get in better physical shape. He said that being overweight would be a significant detriment to my success. In the music industry, especially for women, appearance is extremely important. Having tremendous vocal range isn’t enough. So I signed up with a personal trainer and got determined to lose the extra weight. I expected to go hungry and be forced to go for a run every day. However, the personal trainer developed a whole body wellness program that included a healthy meal plan and a variety of very demanding exercises. Rather than target weight loss, the personal trainer told me to focus on a healthier way of life. I found that I liked introducing different fruits and vegetables into my diet. The training sessions were extremely demanding but made me feel really proud of myself. Once I got started on the program, I started to look forward to the workouts. I suddenly had a great deal more energy and was sleeping better at night. I suffered from fewer headaches and stiff muscles and gained confidence. As I lost weight and toned my body, I became further motivated. While improving my overall appearance was good for my career, becoming more physically fit has been great for every part of my life.


Wellness and Recovery Programs

Using exercise to treat the symptoms of menopause

When I turned 52 years old, I started to suffer the symptoms of menopause.

  • Hot flashes, trouble sleeping, increased anxiety and sore muscles and joints became a regular part of everyday life.

I did some research into it and learned that menopause is caused by a decrease of estrogen levels. This decline increases the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. There are medications that offer some relief but they include harmful long-term side-effects. I wasn’t willing to take that risk and for quite a while, I suffered with no hope of relief. I then learned that exercise can offer an effective treatment. I needed to tailor an exercise program to improve joint, heart and bone health. The more the body moves, the better my mobility and joint health. To optimize the performance of joints and muscles, I spend a lot of time on stretching and flexibility. I do everything from circling ankles and hands to rolling my shoulders. I move my head back and forth to work my neck, stretch and clench my fingers and complete a lot of knee bends. I make sure to get my body nice and warm before I engage in twenty to thirty minutes of cardio activity. I go for runs and bike rides, use the stairmaster, swim laps and sometimes jump rope. For bone health and the concerns of osteoporosis, I focus on my hips, wrists and spine. I use free weights and resistance bands and complete a lot of lungest, squats, press ups, pushups and tricep dips. I am careful not to overload myself with too much weight but instead increase repetition and sets. By getting fit and strengthening my body, I’ve had some success with minimizing the symptoms of menopause.

Core progression

Happy with the results of yoga classes

About eight months ago, I signed up for yoga classes at my local gym.

I figured it would be fun but didn’t realize that it’s also a great way to improve strength and flexibility.

When I started the class, I wasn’t all that physically fit. However, the instructor is able to tailor the class to benefit any level of fitness. I’ve learned that there are different styles of yoga, with some focusing more on relaxation while others require more movement and are higher intensity. Learning poses or asanas is a major part of yoga and the instructor emphasizes the importance of proper breathing techniques. The various poses are designed to stretch specific muscles and improve range of motion. After I complete a yoga class, I always feel very energized and loose. I’ve noticed that I don’t get tired as easily during the day and don’t have as much soreness when I get up in the morning. Once I began participating in regular yoga sessions, I started to see the rewards. I’ve gained a great deal of flexibility. I’m now able to sit in a straddle and rest my belly on the floor. I can also stand with my feet together, bend over with straight legs and place my palms on the floor. I am not working on my splits, but they are going to require a lot of work and dedication. I now sign up for every yoga class that is offered at the gym. I’ve taken ashtanga yoga and power yoga, and I’ve gotten way better at the more difficult poses. At first, I was most definitely the worst one in every class. I’ve gradually increased strength in my core and improved my balance. I’m proud of my accomplishments and I’m encouraged to work harder. I like that my body is much more toned and that I feel stronger. I’m happy with how I look, and I’ve made the commitment to eat better and focus on total body wellness.
Yoga studio

Personal trainer provides motivation

I tried joining a gym several different times but always gave up on it after a few months.

I resented the drive to get there, felt unsure about how to use the machines and was intimidated by the people who were obviously in much better condition than me. Because of that, I worked out at home for several years. I treated my workouts the same as other daily chores, such as doing the dishes, folding clothes or vacuuming. I didn’t enjoy it, look forward to it or put too much effort into it. While I managed to avoid gaining weight, I certainly didn’t feel satisfied with the results. I finally realized I needed a better strategy to achieve a higher level of fitness. I needed some help to push myself harder and try some new things. I went online and checked out the different personal trainers available in my area. I read up on their approach and chose the one I felt would best match my personality. At our first meeting, I was certain I’d made a good decision. My personal trainer created a customized workout program, meal plan and overall wellness goal that was right in line with my goals. I no longer spend the entire workout on one type of exercise or only put in 50% effort. The personal trainer provides motivation and instruction. She makes sure I don’t get injured or discouraged and yet she’s so good at pushing me to my limits. Every session is such a positive experience. Although I leave the gym utterly exhausted and drenched with sweat, I am proud of my accomplishment. I really like that she sets small goals that I work toward. Whether we’re targeting weight loss, building strength or gaining stamina, I focus on the target even when left to workout on my own. I’m now eating better, working out longer and enjoying more energy.


Certified Fitness Experts

Making changes to eat healthy

During the early part of my life, cookies and potato chips were staples of my diet. I wasn’t interested in any kind of vegetables and rarely ate any fruit. I was eating all the wrong kinds of foods, but it was simply a bad habit. I’ve learned that a nutritious diet, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Eating properly makes me feel better, look better and reduces the risk of various chronic health problems. I’ve changed my eating habits and added superfoods into my regular meal plan. Superfoods supply large amounts of what the body needs. Included in a well-balanced diet, they encourage heart health, weight loss and elevate energy levels. Superfoods even help to slow the effects of aging. Introducing these nutrient-dense superfoods into my diet wasn’t all that difficult. I started small, with a few gradual changes here and there. As I noticed the many benefits, I became more determined to stick to a better diet. Fewer calories, less cholesterol and more stable blood sugar levels make a big difference in overall wellness. Plus, these superfoods protect the body’s organs from toxins, reduce inflammation and help to regulate metabolism. With the help of nutrition counselling, I made some easy substitutions to lessen the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other health concerns. Plus, I lost some weight and increased my energy levels. I switched out tuna with salmon, butter with avocado and started eating almonds instead of candy. I now have quinoa rather than rice and sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. I’ve added kale to my salads and started cooking with tofu. I like variety and that way I can be sure I get all of the different nutrients my body needs.


Health center

Personal trainer helps with depression

A couple of years ago, my life took a bad turn.

Right around the same time, my marriage fell apart, I lost my job and I was involved in a traffic accident.

I found myself alone, with lots of bills to pay and chronic pain. I became so depressed that it became difficult to get out of bed in the morning. I spent a lot of days just lying around doing nothing. Because I was no longer active or eating right, I gained a significant amount of weight. The decline in both my health and appearance made me even more unhappy. I am very fortunate that my sister was determined to help. She continued to try new ways to improve my outlook and finally signed us both up with a personal trainer. Although I was reluctant, I agreed to attend the workout sessions with her. The personal trainer has completely changed my life for the better. He spoke to me at length about the importance of a healthy mind and body. He encouraged a balance of proper diet, plenty of rest and regular physical activity. By setting small goals for me, he encouraged a feeling of accomplishment. I liked how I felt at the end of each training session. I started following his recommendations for diet, sleep and exercise. As I became more active, I began to have more energy. I lost weight, toned my muscles and greatly improved my appearance. This gave me the confidence to go out and get a really good job. I suddenly had a reason to get up in the morning and was able to pay off my debts.
Semi-private fitness training