Pills make me need a/c

2 months ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. This disease attacks my joints and bones, and causes a lot of pain and inflammation. My legs are constantly swollen, aching, and painful. For a while, I haven’t been able to get much relief from any prescription or pain medicine. When I went to a doctor last week, he prescribed me a new drug that is suppose to decrease all of the swelling. This new drug is working like a miracle drug, and I’ve been pain free for the last two weeks. I can’t believe how amazing the results have been. There’s only one downside to the new medicine. I am hot, no matter what the indoor atmosphere is. Even with the thermostat at home set to a cool 67 degrees, I’m still having hot flashes that last for a while. It’s been difficult to sleep. The worst part is work, because we have an older HVAC unit. The air conditioning doesn’t cool as effectively as it did 2 years ago. Without any cold air conditioning blowing down on me, I feel very hot. Adjusting the thermostat hasn’t worked much at all. I’m going to need to buy a fan for my desk at work, if the hot flashes won’t get better! At home, I can set the air conditioner as low as I want. At work, the boss has all control over our air conditioning. Since the meds are working well for relieving my pain and inflammation, I’m going to have to figure out a way to stay cool!

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AC after a sweet treat

My fiance as well as I are trying to lose a little weight and have started on the low carb diet! We have been doing pretty well for about a month, however last evening we both fell off the wagon, so to speak.  We went out to brunch with some friends, but after brunch, our friends wanted to go to a nearby ice cream place. As you can imagine there are no low carb ice cream at most ice cream shops! This place was not different.  Everything was full of sugar as well as so it was also full of carbs. We ended up getting the tiniest bowl of vanilla ice cream with chopped pecans sprinkled on top, but that was the best we could do, low-carb wise, at least under those circumstances! We wanted to rest inside the ice cream shop however our friends said that the air conditioning was set at too freezing of a temperature for them to sit comfortably. Why do ice cream shops have it so freezing inside their dining areas. I mean, if you’re cold, why would you want to eat more ice cream? Our feeling is that if the dining area was comfortable people would enjoy their ice cream and maybe even go back for more.  Doesn’t this just make sense! Anyway, the temperature inside was just too freezing for our friends, so all of us ended up outside on the shop’s little patio. The setting daylight was shining right in our eyes, as well as we thought it was just too warm outside. Too freezing inside with the air conditioning, while too simmering outside without the cooling system. We figured we just need to stick with our diet. And then we won’t have to worry about the air temperatures in ice cream shops at all!

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Leaving on a business trip

One feature of Winter I cannot stand, is getting out of bed when the room is cold.. The alarm clock bell goes and demands that I get up to meet the morning, but my body begs to stay under the moderate covers. Whenever I lift the blanket, cold air will pour in, and i will run to the shower, turn on the hot water, and wait to jump inside to warm my shivering bones.  Yet there might be a easy solution to this problem, a middle man maybe.

             . If I had radiant floors, my feet would not have to touch icy floorboards as I got out of bed on a cold Winter season morning and dash to the shower. Instead, warmth would rise from the floor and through my feet , filling me with blissful happiness.  I should call our Heating & Air Conditioning provider to determine if our oil furnace idea supports radiant floors. Heater installation may be pricey, but comfort is worth the cost. I can imagine it now, and speaking of cold, it may be a wonderful time for our Heating & Air Conditioning specialist to do an oil furnace servicing and repair. This outdated furnace isn’t doing much to keep the chill out of the air on Winter mornings!

               Maybe a little tuning would do it good, but between a functioning Heating and Air Conditioning idea and radiant floors in our home, I hope mornings will not be quite so bad. In fact, I may come to like rolling out of bed and putting my feet on comfortingly moderate floor boards. Winter season might even become my favorite season.  It sounds so nice! I’m going to call our Heating & Air Conditioning provider immediately and make this dream come true.

Starting our own HVAC business


            Occasionally, I wonder what it would feel like to open my own business. That has consistently been a future goal of mine, but I’m not quite sure yet what type of supplier I would care about to open; A nice associate of mine who currently manages a Heating and A/C company last Summer, posed the idea of us both opening up an Heating and A/C company together. He thinks that both of us would make a nice team because of his proficiency in Heating and AC technology and my background in business and finance, and I think he could be right.

             Though both of us both know that this is a goal for a few years from now, I think it’s a feasible one.. Heating and A/C installation and maintenance seems to be a requirement that will consistently be around, and that’s the type of supplier I am trying to get into. I need to do some reading up on heating and cooling systems and technology so that I’m current by the time both of us start the business.

             I think that will be a nice challenge for me, for my ideal career is to be the head of a company and to have the flexibility to have more time in my personal life. With my friend’s input, I think I could be there in a few years. We already know that we work well together, so I think we’re absolutely on to something with our plan. I can hardly wait to get it started! The two of us have plenty of time to weed out all of the specifics and information that we need. I think we’re moving at an absolutely fine pace.

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This heat wave is tough

 I walked in the door after a long day at work on a Monday night last August, and I immediately noticed the sticky, muggy, atmosphere awaiting me indoors. I had expected to be greeted with a cool blast of air conditioned bliss when I stepped in the front door.  Instead, the inside of my loft was just as stifling as the sticky southern summertime outside. I went to the Heating & Air Conditioning control panel plus cranked the temperature down! The numbers on the computerized screen abruptly fell as I anxiously anticipated the cooling air to blast out of my Heating & Air Conditioning vents plus surround me in a blissful Arctic blast. Then, nothing.

               I changed out of my work clothes plus waited some more… Still no relief. The inside of my loft felt like a sauna. I flicked on my ceiling fans plus started tinkering with my Heating & Air Conditioning unit. Surely, there must be a reset button or something, and youtube provided a few ideas, although I had no notion what I was looking at.  I was in a load of trouble. There’s no way I could stay in my loft at these boiling temperatures. It was dangerous plus uncomfortable. I needed help…

               Flipping through my phone book, I located the number to my Heating & Air Conditioning provider. They answered promptly plus sent a Heating & Air Conditioning worker out for emergency a/c repair. The Heating & Air Conditioning worker arrived within the hour, and he had my system functioning in no time. Soon, cool, refreshing air once again drifted through my rooms plus my loft no longer reminded me of a dump. I was so thankful for quick, quality help plus a now working cooling system!


Now I can run the a/c more

I was really nervous about starting a work-from-home company with my wife. I love her to death, but I also appreciate the space I have away from her. Since we started working from home, I never leave the house so I never get to come home to her! Other than a lack of space, the business has actually been fairly successful so far. My wife has a knack for talking to people, empathizing and being personable with them, which makes her a talented salesperson. One thing becoming problematic for us is our disputes over the thermostat settings. Challenging as it is to get job done while uncomfortable, she says I run the A/C too much, too often. I tried to meet her in the middle by turning the temperature control up a little bit, but it was still cooling the room too much for her, or so she says. When I turned the system off entirely as she wanted, the room quickly became stuffy and hot, leaving me dripping with sweat. Difference in our preferences for climate control settings were starting to cause a schism, and it took some negotiations to make it work out. I cleared out the utility room in addition to turning it into a private office for her, which seems to be the compromise we needed. Hopefully that’s going to stick, otherwise working from home might be too stressful for me!

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Need a better working ac device

House hunting can really leave you strained and frustrated. Several months could pass with no results yielded, then suddenly you’ve got several weird options that seem perfect for you. I’m not sure which is more difficult to deal with. After all, if there’s no fantastic housing options, all you can do is keep looking. If you choose the wrong house though, or the surrounding neighborhood turns out to be low-rent and riddled with crime, you will be stuck with regret! This one place I found has this incredible deck around the back of the house, but the central A/C unit is busted. The oil furnace works perfectly fine, but the A/C machinery is old and falling apart by the day. A couple grand would need to go into replacing the air conditioning equipment altogether! The other option has a perfectly functioning Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system, but no awesome deck. What do I choose – the hot house with a cool deck, or the cool house with no deck? I spent a lot of time considering my options, but decided I would take the home with the non-functional A/C. I can always replace an A/C unit, but the landed costs of a deck like the one at this house would be dramatically higher to bankroll!

Did not care the cost of HVAC maintenance

When the HVAC system finally fell beyond repair, the time had come for replacement of the equipment. Asking myself and others if I wanted anything in particular like radiant floors, my husband sought my opinion, but it didn’t matter to me. He was excited then, because he was able to choose how our home would be heated or cooled for years to come. He wound up going with a geothermal HVAC system, of all options. Drilling down into the earth was integral to installing this equipment. The change in systems was shockingly expensive – well into tens of thousands of dollars – but my husband insisted it was money well spent. The geothermal HVAC system utilizes a heat pump to transfer heat from the soil to the house, or vice versa. In this case, the HVAC system would pull the heat from deep in the earth’s surface and bring it right into our home! My husband sure made the system sound appealing. There would be no worries about dangerous combustion or poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide potentially seeping into our home. This was the single greatest heating and cooling option on the market! He was also excited about claiming this highly energy efficient HVAC system on his taxes. I thought it was interesting how it worked, and how the heat could be moved into the home and out accordingly, easily and efficiently conditioning the air of our home. This was the most energy efficient HVAC system we ever had, meaning we would eventually make our investment back in big savings on our utility bills. I was really excited about that more than anything else! When the replacement was finished, the new HVAC system worked just as well as my husband made it out to be.

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Need a really good HVAC unit set up

I can remember when I first met my wife. That’s when I was a pizza delivery guy, and I was delivering pizza to this awesome house one evening. She opened the door, and I was just struck with something that I never saw before. She was such a beautiful young woman! It was freezing outside so she said I could come in while her friends got the cash together for the pizza. They were having a little party or something, and it seemed that the parents were out of town. While her friends were getting the payment for me together, her and I talked for a while. I even made her laugh a few times, especially when I told her how nice her HVAC system was because it was nice and toasty in her home. Her dad consistently wanted the best, she said, and paid to have a top-of-the-line HVAC system installed. They even signed up with an HVAC repair company to keep the equipment in excellent shape. There also was a programmable thermostat which was so hi-tech. I seriously wished I could stick around, but I would have had to quit my job to hang out with this girl. I knew that would be highly irresponsible, and how could she respect a guy who abandons his post like that? When the cash for the pizza was brought to me, I told them it was a real pleasure. I was glad to see that the girl slipped her number on a piece of paper between the bills!


We’re going to continue running the A/C unit

I recently was forced to go out of neighborhood for work; I needed to host a conference for some of our members, plus it was a long ways away; On the morning I was to head home, I decided to go to our sibling’s house instead of driving multiple hours home, anyway, I was going to be gone a total of multiple days, so I was forced to hire a pet sitter, but he seemed legitimately nice, plus I know he was, however there is only one single thing he did that I did not legitimately approve of. He opened the curtains wide, which was fine. He tested all the light switches, which was also fine! However, I did not care about the fact that he was messing with the control unit setting on our a/c. I of course kept the a/c running for both our cat’s comfort plus the comfort of the cat sitter. I set the control unit on 65 degrees, which is where I usually set the control unit when I am not home; When I get home in the evening, I generally turn the control unit down a little because I am hot blooded. Apparently, our pet sitter is not of a boiling natured because he turned the control unit all the way off! When I arrived home from our trip, it was so boiling in the house, and pLus, not having the a/c running makes the house have a funny odor. I guess, overall, setting the control unit higher saved myself and others a few bucks in the long run, although I would have preferred that the pet sitter leave the a/c alone plus just play with the cat care about he was paid to do.

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