Is our home safe?

I have been a homeowner for a long while and I have a lot of experience in dwelling service and upkeep. You might say I’m one of those do-it-yourself kind of guys. I totally just love getting in there and getting my hands dirty… In my mind, it’s the only real way to learn a job or process. I used to take care of inspections for dwellings so I had to know a great deal about everything that goes into making a dwelling safe for its tenants. You have to take a hard look at the foundation, the beams holding the dwelling up, the pipes, furnace, A/C appliance, roof, and a bunch of other stuff. One other thing inspectors do that’s easily worth mentioning is testing for radon gas. Radon gas is entirely odorless, not visible, and a radioactive gas that is known to cause lung cancer when you are exposed for long periods of time. It seeps into your dwelling through cracks and holes in the foundation and spreads out from there. It legitimately can be an inconvenience and potentially harmful if not taken care of in time. I’ve come across quite a few homes that needed to hire a radon removal supplier to service their issue. It’s certainly a simple process and can be taken care of by sealing up apertures in the foundation and installing a simple ventilation system to push the gas harmlessly into the atmosphere. There are radon testing kits widely available in any hardware store and they are especially cheap. There legitimately is no reason for not testing your basement for radon gas. It could actually save your life.

The A/C in the car is broken

About 2 years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach English to students in South Korea.  It was conducted virtually, using an online phone and video system. In order to inspire conversation we would talk about our everyday life.  I would often ask about their occupation, family life or hobbies. Because of the distance between our countries our topic of conversation would often led us to talking about the weather.  I live in a hot and tropical climate but most of South Korea experiences all four seasons. I was surprised when this normal conversation about temperature actually led to some interesting cultural information. At the time of this conversation it was winter with temperatures consistently in the low thirties.  Because of the long cold winter, the student expressed that most of the homes in Korea had an in floor heating system. He told me the history behind their unique heating system and how it worked. Korea has been using a style of in floor heating for thousands of years. Originally, stones were baked to heat the floor of a particular room.  The name of their heating system is called “Ondol” which means “baked stones”. Archaeologist has discovered many regions in Korea with evidence of this remarkable ancient system that was used as a furnace for their homes. The earliest ondol systems only heated part of the room. However, the long term use of this style of heating, has allowed it to develop into a highly scientific heating system.  Korean tradition believes that warm hands and feet are essential for good health. Their infloor heating system is also apart of their tradition of removing their shoes when entering a home. I had no idea that a conversation about the cold weather would lead to an interesting conversation about an ancient infloor heating system.

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This is a great boiler

After college, my boyfriend got a lake house with some of his friends.  This arrangement worked out great for the first several years but now I feel like we are getting serious, it would be nice to have our own private place, and it seems that there is constantly someone coming and going at his house and I still live at home with my parents.  The two of us have finally come to the conclusion that if we both want that time together, we should probably look into getting our own house or apartment! The search began about several weeks ago and him and I can’t find a solution for our differences. He is certainly picky about the where it is located, I am particular about what the place has to offer and the price.  The two of us need to come to some sort of common ground if this is going to work. I have written down a list of places to help narrow it down, I also am willing to pay a little extra for a place that makes him happier. My main request, above all others, is the fact that the venue needs to have a superb Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. No window units or portable gas furnaces to keep us comfy. Thankfully this is something we both can agree on, so it’s a start! The last apartment he and I looked at had a great heating system for heat during the Wintertime but nothing for A/C.  The property owner said that we would not be able to install a window unit because he was afraid it would injure the woodwork. I still have high hopes that we will find the perfect place for us.

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I think this is beautiful

I have plans to go away for a couple of days and I am nervous.  Other than the time I was in the hospital, I have always had reservations about  leaving my partner home alone. Even when I was hospitalized, I was worrying about what state the house would be in, when I returned.  Going away on business, was causing an anxiety attack. For some reason, he prefers to BBQ when I am not home. The last time he BBQ’ed, I had to leave the a/c on high for hours to help clear the air. I also kept  the windows wide open, & the fans running. Needless to say, he forgot to close the windows, which left all of that smoke from the BBQ inside, & I had trouble breathing. During the summer, I have to keep the a/c on, otherwise it is hard to breathe.  I have asthma, which closes my lungs when under stress, or when the air quality is not good. The air was not good with all of the windows being opened and with the smoke entering the house. I tell him all the time that I worry that he is going to burn the house down one of these days, because he always forgets to pull the BBQ grill apart from the wall. He often goes down to the basement where his man cave is. It is much cooler down there and he doesn’t need the a/c down there.  He often doesn’t think about all of the heat that is building upstairs. One time, I came home from visiting my sister and the house was so overheated that it took my breath away. He said he hadn’t turned the a/c on yet that day because he had been downstairs most of the day, where he doesn’t need the a/c on. I am not looking forward to leaving again.

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I live in a very old house

My university is an disappointing site and college students are now on strike, however, I am not referring to about tasteless  cafeteria food, nor a terrible athletics program… Our problem is way worse than that. For the last few years, half of the university hasn’t had a well functioning heating system during the Winter season! It’s less than 50 degrees inside the classrooms during the day on that side of the university; Students can’t cope with it anymore. They have considered striking as striking is a social right, but the principal angrily told she’d call the police on us if we were going on strike… she said that we ought to respect authority better and the university would never allow strikes. It was a peaceful protest of course, and nobody didn’t do anything wrong. She said that she may fail all of us and not allow us to graduate if we’d strike again over the university heating system.. I think this is abject. I am contacting all of the local news agencies get this horrible blackmail public. I am seeking to hiring a lawyer or hopefully finding a lawyer who will work on behalf of the students at no costs, however my friend’s mother is a attorney and he said he will try to support the cause as soon as her schedule frees up. I’m so sick of freezing inside my university. We need a furnace in good condition. That can’t possibly be too much to expect from a university, but all the students are going to get sick if they have to endure such freezing classrooms every day of the week. We won’t let it go until we find a solution to this heating injustice.

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Changing it all out

It’s the depth of the Winter, and a few days ago I woke up feeling so cold. I suspected that my heating system had ceased working, of course, I contacted a local A/C corporation immediately because it’s beginning to get honestly frosty outside, and after A/C technician came by for an evaluation, they contended that I would likely need to acquire a new  gas furnace. Well, I had purchased this small building 12 months ago using money from an inheritance, but sadly there is nothing left for repairs. I am a PhD student and can’t bear the costs of a new gas furnace. Then, I recalled that my basement was a bit warmer than the rest of the house. I study electronics and have many computer systems in the basement. I was in there today, and calculated that the heat generated by the machines was keeping that room quite cozy. In fact, it was more or less 68 degrees in that  basement despite it not having a gas furnace… So I did what any poor PhD student would do, plus I dragged TV, bed, plus dresser into the laptop small basement so that I could sleep plus continue studying there. Of course, this is not going to be forever, but at least for now, it’s fine, I’ll be able to sleep without feeling cold.. I need to find a way to generate money for a new gas furnace. I always could ask my family for help, but they’re already blasting me for not getting myself a job and choose college instead.

The boiler works great

Have you ever seen an old castle, or a fort that was built in the 1700’s? If you have, you may remember the floors being made of stone. Even on hot days, the stone flooring would somehow still be cool to the touch, which made the room feel far colder than it really was. The reason the stone floors worked for temperature control is simple: Cold air lingers at the bottom of a room, while heat rises. This simple concept of thermodynamics allowed people from centuries past keep their homes cool in hot climates. Today, using stone flooring lets the house maintain a cool surface to walk on, which helps greatly with keeping the house cooler than homes with wood floors. I know this works well, because my good pal has a small house on his property that he converted from a garage. The entire bottom floor uses heavy cobblestones that stay in the shade, making them keep the cool temperature going that’s sought after by so many in our area of the world. It’s sad that stone flooring is uncommon these days, as it’s such a practical way to keep the house cool with zero additional energy usage. Maybe the old ways are still the best ways, but I guess we won’t know for sure until stone flooring makes a big comeback in the housing industry!

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Hoping to go ductless with HVAC

I’ve been looking for a different type of heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C plan for a great deal of time. It seems to honestly be close to trying to Mountaineer a giant wall with nothing more than a child’s grappling hook. It’s nearly impossible because my own wife is honestly picky about more than one of the details. The whole process could have easily been over multiple days previously. It’s the spring season at this time, so we aren’t needing to honestly make use of the heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C plan. Luckily, we’re not freezing much or getting much cold weather either. That’s the single Plus. I’ve opted for some research, in addition to the fact that my wife has really been trying to predict what type of heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C plan will be best. We have been looking at a lot of different features, in addition to have decided that a Zone heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C plan seems like the best for our home. One of my neighbors commanded it in addition to found this Zone heating plan worked out best for the home. Not only did it allow for better overall Heating in addition to cooling, but it also allowed our neighbors to honestly save more than $1 on their energy bills. I want my wife to research the different types of models in addition to read many of those reviews. We want to make certain that we are thoroughly first, before choosing any type of new Appliance for our place.

I had to have a radiant heater

Spring usually means automatic cleaning for me, in addition to the fact that spring means beginning more than one new adventure. Cleaning happens to be the very least exciting of all tasks. I honestly happened to be an outdoors person by nature, in addition to the fact that I love camping, trail running, in addition to hiking. Cleaning in the spring is entirely a punishment. I detest being cooped inside of our house with little more to do than organized. All of the winter in addition to summer clothing needs to be put up, in addition to the fact that I use this time to scrub the floors in addition to clean up the windows. I have spent a lot of time inside of my house, ever since the month of September. I’ve enjoyed my fantastic New Heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C plan. Last year, we entirely remodeled our whole home. Everything in the remodel was updated, including adding a brand spanking New Heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C plan. I’m entirely obsessed with our heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C plan. The other nice thing about our place is the radiant heated floors that we placed in the lavatory. The mornings are a lot nicer, now that we can step out of the shower onto a very warm in addition to Cozy ceramic floor. Now that the time of the year is spring, it’s entirely time for me to turn off the heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C plan, in addition to start cleaning our place.

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Want my boyfriend back because of the HVAC

I recently got into an argument with my wifey, in addition to the fact that I have been missing him in addition to wanting to take him back. One thing I miss a lot is the skills that he raised inside of our condominium. My guy was one of the handy ones who was great with the heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C device. Every single month, he made certain to provide ample assistance to our heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C device. My guy would change out our air filters in addition to add lubricant to all of the motor parts. The heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C device was well-maintained from clean fan blades to clear condensing drains. Since the both of us have been together for a lot of years, I haven’t really thought much about how to learn about the heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C device. I’m not honestly sure that I would be able to perform these types of routine tests throughout our condo. Whenever I have had some problems, my guy was genuinely on the case. It’s honestly been terrible not to have that type of reliability from someone that lives close. Not only am I clueless about the types of things like fixing household items or cleaning them, but I really miss the way my guy used to be so great to have a good conversation. I guess maybe my guy wasn’t exactly too bad. I easily love the Quality heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C help, in addition to the company wasn’t terrible either.

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