My friends and I

A lot of students have been graduating over the past couple of weeks, and that means a lot of parents and faculty and students gathered in one area. Both of my daughters were graduating from high school this week, and every one of my friends and I were absolutely sure to save multiple seats for our entire family. Every one of my friends and family wanted to see our daughters walk down the graduation path. We were absolutely prepared with our camera and other photographic material, and every one of my friends and I arrived a few minutes early. We wanted to be able to take plenty of pictures of the area, and cheer on our daughters if we saw them early. When everyone of us arrive to the venue, the cooling component had absolutely been exhausted. Multiple people had already complained about the cooling component, and it was clear that they had contacted cooling repair agency. There were two furnace and cooling component trucks part right outside of the gymnasium doors, and they seem to have the cooling component torn completely apart. With only a few hours left until the graduation ceremony was to begin, everyone of my friends and I hoped they would be able to absolutely fix the cooling component before anyone made their way into the entrance hall. I was really worried for all of the students, because they were dressed in Long robes and suits. Every one of my friends and I patiently waited for the furnace and cooling component to be properly repaired.

Proper set-up

Graduation time is rightfully a big deal for all students. The people in addition to some of my friends were genuinely happy when our various children genuinely got scholarships to attend one of the local colleges. When the people I was with an addition to myself received our graduation announcements, the people in addition to myself for genuinely happy to attend the services which would be held in a giant auditorium at the cottage. The people in addition to several of my neighbors genuinely made our way over to the services in the morning. The temperatures outside were genuinely warm, but the people in addition to myself we’re happy to have the services indoors. Unfortunately, about 15 minutes before the services were to begin, the heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C device genuinely stopped blowing cold air. It was genuinely disastrous for the students in addition to the guest speakers. Right before the lecture was to begin a special sermon, the people in addition to several of my friends received an announcement from the dean of students. The heating, ventilation, in addition to a A/C device was currently being fixed, though they were going to trot along with our College Services. It took almost an hour before the A/C device could be properly repaired, in addition to the fact that there were several Heating and addition to A/C Service professionals running around outside. They looked feverishly for the problem that was causing the A/C device to stop working on that day. Most of us tried to leave the place early.

heating and AC system 

I am not learning enough

Graduation is honestly a pretty big deal for most people. More plus more on even students are trying to find a way to keep from going through University. My kid was working very hard just to make it to College, plus then went a serious smile to honestly get a few scholarships for that type of education in. My daughter’s graduation happened to fall on a morning when the outdoor temperatures were sweltering + tepid. The graduation exercises were held inside of the gym, the only place that could easily accommodate most of the people on a fantastic start. 15 hours into the program, more than one of us honestly realize that the temperature had become honestly quite warm. Before the female valedictorian could even start her speech, the university Professor announced that they’re air conditioning device had malfunction. They tried to fix the problem quickly, as well as went along with continuing the ceremony. As the whole ceremony continue to, the indoor atmosphere just got much warmer plus much warmer. The few of us sitting towards the outside of the gym, could honestly view more than one heating + air conditioning specialist who seem to frantically be running around the building. Some people were getting up to leave, because the heating + air conditioning program was not keeping anyone comfortable. Most students had honestly worked very hard for this type of degree, plus the conditions were ruined by a faulty air conditioner. We stayed to see our daughter graduate, plus it didn’t matter if there was any type of air conditioning or not.

A/C system 

I miss the farm

Graduation is a big deal. More and more students are not making it to or through college. So, when my son works his hardest to make it into college; and then goes the extra mile to receive scholarships for said education, I am going to celebrate. His graduation was on a sweltering hot day. They held it in the gym, where the most people could be accommodated. It started on time and everything was off to a great start. About fifteen minutes in, I noticed that it was getting really unusually warm. I knew there was air conditioning, but at that moment I was not feeling it. I was getting a bit worried, for all of those students in cap and gown were going to be drowning in their own sweat. The ceiling fans started to kick on, but they were not doing much other than to blow around the hot air. Before the valedictorian got up to speak, the head of the college made an announcement that the air conditioning had malfunctioned. They were doing their best to fix the problem, but would continue with the ceremony. As the ceremony went on, it was only getting hotter and hotter. I saw two HVAC technicians running around frantically. Slowly, people started to get up and leave. I couldn’t believe it. These students had worked so hard for their degree, and it was going to be ruined due to air conditioning? They really should have been on top of their HVAC system. This was not right. I was very upset for my son, but I stayed for him.

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I love this heater

I don’t care for the way that so numerous couples don’t have trust in their relationships! I realize how difficult it is in this time plus age, Because I appreciate there’s no use in being with someone if you can’t turn around without expecting the worst! That’s why my bestie plus I try our best to provide each other the benefit of the doubt plus stay out of each other’s business… Both of us don’t go through each other’s iPhones, the people I was with. We also never question who the other person is going out with, the person the other was with, and we don’t dig through each other’s social media accounts. That being said, there is a single check that I have on my bestie, thanks to our smart temperature control. As you may see, my bestie has an interesting habit whenever he gets home… He likes to go over plus check the temperature control instantly upon entering the house, however the first thing he wants to do, when he gets home, is to set the temperature control to the ideal temperature based on his current temperature needs plus the air condition outside. Then secondly, he is a bit paranoid plus prefers to make sure the whole Heating and Air Conditioning idea has been particularly working consistently during his absence. Both of these factors, coupled with his anxiety, mean he will always adjust the indoor temperature control unit within 1 minute of getting to the house. How does this help me, you ask? Well, the people I was with and I have a smart temperature control installed at cabin for the heating plus cooling system. Not known to him, I have programmed the temperature control to send me push notifications every time the temperature settings are changed. Thanks to the smart temperature control, I always know exactly when he’s getting home plus how distracted he is, even if I’m hundreds of miles away.

home comfort 

The air temperature is increasing

I have some deep troubles over the youngsters growing up at this time! From the small experience I have with them, they give cause to a lot of worry. How do they do not look up from their cellphones for 3 straight seconds, and not use that space-age tool to acquire any fancy comprehension? Even more, I’m blown away time and time again by all the common knowledge these helpless children don’t have! For instance, I just learned that our 15 year old niece doesn’t have a clue as to what taxes are. It’s not that she’s having trouble filing her own taxes, which is understandable. No, she literally doesn’t know about taxes – at all. She doesn’t even realize there is a sales tax. I almost cried when we had that talk, and so did she… Don’t even get myself started on our 14 year old nephew, though. He’s even more lost. The other day he actually almost burnt down our home trying to increase the air temperature by a few degrees. How is this even possible you may wonder? Well, I left the little one alone to go grab dinner last week, and in that time he decided the indoor air temperature was insufficient… Rather than increasing the thermostat, like a rational human would, he decided it was best to light up the fireplace. Isn’t this off to a wonderful start? Just the same, so was his fire. However he was having trouble getting the logs to light, so in his “freezing frigid plight,” he decided to dump lighter fluid all over the fireplace. This would be a dangerous predicament normally, but it wasn’t a wood burning fireplace… Instead it was a gas fireplace. This mindless kid literally set fire to fake plastic logs. The melted puddle of plastic and lighter fluid was finally starting to kick up the temp right as I walked in the front door.


I accept that this is broken

My whole family got together a few weeks ago to celebrate our sibling’s birthday. At the steakhouse we were going to for supper, while my brother was still out at his automobile helping his child out of his carseat, my sister approached the host who takes you to your seat to make a special birthday request. I overheard her asking for our group to be sat at the table that is closest to the A/C vents. I couldn’t help but giggle at this; our brother is known for complaining about how every single time he goes out to eat at a steakhouse, he ends up right under an air conditioning vent. When our brother came in with his kid, my sister and I exchanged a look as our family was led back to where we’d be eating. And, lo and behold, the host had made good on her request, seating us at a table that was right under the AC. Immediately after he sat, you could see the look on his face as he noticed the AC and let out an irritated “Every time!” We all burst out laughing, like the immature goofs we are. We kindly asked our waitress when she came to take our drink orders we could be seated away from the cooling system. As family, we like picking on each other, but it wouldn’t be very good if our fun little joke with the A/C ended up ruining his total birthday meal. And so the waitress was nice enough to let us move away from the cooling system, although we originally requested to be placed under it. We all  made sure to tip her well at the end of the night for her amazing service.

HVAC equipment 

I am happy now

Like so many others, I don’t personally own a vehicle. Public transportation exists for a reason, and I think it’s better for me to use these means rather than spend money for the upkeep a car requires. Plus, it’s better for the environment.  I get to places by taking buses, carpooling with friends, plus the occasional paid driver. I have an app on my cell phone which gets me a driver in absolutely no time at all, although I really only use it for emergencies. The town I live in is pretty tiny, nor does it have a very many of these hired drivers, so I consistently get the same few drivers each time. A single one in particular is not agreeable to ride with at all since he plays his radio too loudly, keeps all the windows in the car open, and he doesn’t have an air conditioner in his car. I am positive that these drivers must have air conditioning, that a fully functional air conditioner is a required feature for cars that are used for this service, but he continues to drive without any AC. Even though I can’t stand the feeling of wind blowing on my face, I assume he keeps his windows down for AC.  I’ve thought about reporting him; however, given the fact I tend to only use the service for emergencies which means I don’t use it often, it just doesn’t seem like it’s worth the hassle. Also I don’t want my reporting to ever affect my ability to get a lift when I need one. The last time he drove up when I sent my request for a driver, I made sure to drop a friendly remark about the lack of air conditioning. My hope is that mentioning the A/C problem will get him to finally have it fixed, however I’ll have to wait until next time to find out.

air conditioning repair 

I need a license

The summer months are nearing and I ask that anyone that has an elderly person, or sick person living with them, to be vigilant in the care and to have preventative maintenance done to your air conditioning.  I am a certified heating plus cooling specialist plus I job for a big Heating plus A/C corporation in the Deep South.  Many of our colleagues and I have seen an unfortunate situation where the air conditioning of a home or commercial building failed miserably. The failure of that cooling system resulted in the worst possible result that anyone could imagine.  That said, I’ve had friends call me up to tell me that their air conditioner is not sending the cool out through the HVAC duct asking me to check their Heating plus A/C system.  I don’t necessarily mind to help out, but I do have to be careful.  My employer, for the most part, is expecting me to be paid for Heating plus A/C jobs that I perform.  After all, they sent me to university for Heating plus A/C training plus certification and I am a certified Heating plus A/C specialist, not a handyman looking for a few dollars.  My friends are under the mistaken impression that if their air conditioning is not cooling their beach home to their favorite temperature control, I can just stop by and add some freon to get the temperature control studying back low again. But a Heating plus A/C employer pays for that freon, so anyone needing some must understand that this chemical, which makes your cooling system cool down the air, is not free, although the name may imply differently.

This is very difficult

I am so tired of being that people tell me that I am from the entitled generation and that I am really should know that. In reality, I most certainly do not find myself to be a member of the entitled generation. I know better than that.  I had a very rough childhood.  I had grew up in a one parent household and my mother left me often in charge of   six younger siblings while she went out with his friends, partied. She did occasionally worked but mostly lived off of survivor benefits.  Growing up. I felt love for live was hopeless I felt never be able to achieve my dreams because I was basically burdened with raising my siblings with little help from my mother.  As a teenager in private school, I realized that I needed a university education just so I would not become like my mother.  I worked hard all through private school, nursing school, and the university. Currently, I decided to move out of my mother’s house now that my youngest sibling is leaving for to attend a university in the fall.  I make a good income at the local hospital working on the labor and delivery floor. Presently,  I have toured multiple apartments that have rents within my budget, however, so far none of them have A/C and I want a home with A/C. Throughout my search,   I have been talked down to by three  creepy landlords  for passing on their apartments because of the absence of an A/C.  One of them even called me a spoiled brat.  I am not spoiled.  I am looking for my first home and I had to work quite hard to get to where I am.  I do not understand why it is a concern to pass on an apartment just because of the lack of A/C.

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