Designing a cooling system

Plan hard and fight easy, is what my dad always used to tell me. He said he learned that expression from one of his fellow soldiers while fighting overseas, but that it applies to every single thing you can do in life. It took me a few years to really grasp what he was saying, but then it finally took root. A test is easy if you studied hard, running a marathon is easy if you trained hard, and so on. As I was having my cabin constructed, I kept the expression in mind. By planning everything out, right down to every window pane and air duct, I will make living there much easier after the fact. Right away I realized that the details of the blueprint were wrong if I wanted to maximize the efficiency of my heating and cooling system. Having so many windows facing east and west would let a lot more sunlight in during the day, but also cause a lot of extra heating to build up. That would mean the AC would have to run more often in order to keep my place cooled off, so I switched some of those windows to facing north or south. I also made sure to get extra insulation in my walls and ceiling, to help trap the cooling air inside the house. All of these little things will add up to an HVAC system that does not have to work as hard, and also will bring me smaller energy bills. I’ve also done a ton of research on HVAC systems.

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The necessary changes

Most people only worry about exterior air pollution.  Contaminants inside your own apartment present a much larger threat, yet go overlooked by the majority of tenants.  On average, we spend the majority of our time indoors, plus about 65% of our lives inside our own apartments. Neglecting the indoor air quality increases the odds of health problems, property damage plus energy waste.  Unfortunately, there are threats to indoor air quality in every room of your apartment. Cleaning products, pesticides, cigarette smoke, pet dander, exhaust fumes plus mold growth are just a few of the most common problems.  Since the cost of heating and cooling is rather luxurious, keeping a tightly sealed apartment is a priority. However, this traps the same, stale air indoors, leading to problems. Inadequate ventilation is a contributing factor to terrible indoor air pollen levels.  Headache, fatigue, coughing, respiratory infections plus nausea are consequences of air quality problems. Airborne particulate plus bacterial growth tends to aggravate symptoms of pollen irritations or asthma. One of the most effective ways to abruptly improve the health of the apartment is to change the air filter in heating and cooling equipment.  If you run the gas furnace or cooling system frequently, it’s necessary to update the furnace filter more often. Most air filters remain efficient for a little more than two months, but it’s a nice method to inspect the condition of the air filter every month. Keeping up with air filter changes not only protects the health plus cleanliness of the apartment, but helps to minimize wear and tear on heating and A/C equipment.  The heating and A/C method will succumb to fewer repairs, last longer, plus cost less to operate.

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The newest custom built couches

Some people change, it seems. Take last week for example, when I walked into a friend’s beach house only to be totally surprised by the new furniture placed in their living room. I was used to her laid back style, as she had comfortable recliners that were worn, but you felt right at home lounging in them. Her new partner didn’t like the seats or decor it seems, and had her throw out all of the comfortable items in the room to replace it with their own sense of style. I have regularly loved the easy feeling aesthetic of my friend’s old room, but now I felt a bit out of place being there in casual clothes. I felt like I shouldn’t be in jeans, and that I should have a whisk broom to brush our clothing and maybe a static mat to remove all dust and dirt from my shoes. I was tempted to remove my shoes even, before I entered the house. When I looked into the residing room where I spent many nights with our friend, and cried over lost loves, and laughed about the absurdities of life. I hadn’t had a chance to meet her new partner yet, but frankly I wasn’t sure I wanted to anymore. After seeing how unapproachable her furniture was, and the way she mangled what was once perfect, I didn’t think I’d like her at all. My best friend told me the new furnishing theme was called Transitional Masterpiece, but I was afraid to sit in it. The Transitional Masterpiece layout looked almost too perfect to be comfortable. I was told to rest and relax as I gingerly sat down, and while I wanted to toss the pillow on the floor, the chair was particularly comfortable to my surprise. I’m not sure I would want this interior design style, but it wasn’t bad for a comfortable choice. I still don’t think I’ll like her partner though.

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A change of home decor

II walked into a friend’s house the other day, and I was totally surprised to see the new furniture she had bought. I was used to her laid back style. She had comfortable recliners that were slightly worn, but you felt at home when you sat down to relax. Her new partner didn’t like the decor, and she had thrown out all of the comfortable items in the room and replaced it with her own sense of style. I have always loved the easy living feel of Sharon’s room, but now I felt a bit out of place. I felt like I shouldn’t be in jeans, and that I should have a whisk broom to brush my clothing and maybe a static mat to remove all dust and dirt from my shoes. I was tempted to remove my shoes, even before I entered the house. I looked into the living room, where I spent hours with my friend, and cried over our lost loves, laughed about the absurdities of life, and drank bottles of wine while we just kicked ourselves for our stupidity. I hadn’t met her partner yet, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to after seeing how unapproachable her furniture was. Sharon told me it was called Transitional Masterpiece, but I was afraid to sit in it. The Transitional Masterpiece looked almost too perfect to be comfortable. I was told to sit down and relax as I gingerly sat down. Although I wanted to toss the pillow on the floor, the chair was actually quite comfortable. I’m not sure I would want this interior design style, but it wasn’t bad.

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A very high quality chair

From the time my siblings and I were toddlers until just recently, my Dad kept the same ugly recliner.  The recliner had to be at least thirty years old, and showed it. The cushions were flat and threadbare, with frayed edges, tears and tons of stains.   My siblings and I continually urged my father to buy a new recliner, but he could never find anything he liked. He insisted that new furniture is constructed of sub par materials, overpriced and generic looking.  Plus, his study is oddly sized and needs a specific size to fit within the space. He didn’t want a stuffed chair; none of us could find anything which was met with his approval. After listening to my father tell us repeatedly about his requirements for a recliner, my siblings and I were able to put the task with a custom furniture designer.  It was actually interesting and detailed process. The recliner was genuinely built in-house, which provided us a say in the dimensions, style, fabric and detailing. Custom built furniture is quite a bit more extravagant than an item purchased at a department store. There’s also a lengthy wait for the item to be constructed. Fortunately, my siblings and I shared the expense and all of us were able to get the recliner in time for Christmas.  The custom furniture shop was extremely helpful. My siblings and I got my father out of the house, and the furniture shop delivered the recliner and set it up while all of us were gone. They even put a gigantic red ribbon on the current recliner and hauled the old recliner away. It was a fantastic surprise for my father: he was positively tickled. The recliner is obviously well made and of superior quality, and makes the rest of the furniture look outdated and shabby.  We now are saving up to order a matching desk chair for Father’s day.

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Making a couch

About three years ago, my partner and I built a brand new condo from the ground up.  The two of us devoted a enjoyable deal of time and research to planning the layout of the house.  We both invested in custom sized windows, hardwood floors, quartz countertops, and top of the line appliances.  When it came time to decorate the condo, I was at a complete loss. None of our old furniture was suitable for such a current design.  Although I searched local stores and online, I couldn’t find anything I liked. The furniture, curtains, and bedding seemed honestly low quality and generic.  I finally contacted a local custom furniture shop for help. The designer walked through the condo with myself and my partner, listening to our preferences, ideas and goals for each space.  The three of us discussed colors, fabrics, styles, and the purpose of each room. Because each piece is designed and constructed from scratch, in-house, there was no problem matching particular sizes, fabrics or requirements.  Every chair, table, pillow, and curtain is custom created and one-of-a-kind. While the process was time-consuming and rather high-priced, the results are really perfect. Plus, I can be sure of the quality of the furnishings and trust them to hold up to extensive wear and tear.  The custom furniture shop delivered each piece, helped with setup and stands behind their task with outstanding warranties. I was able to go through this same custom furniture shop for everything from the beds and sheets to my home office desk and throw pillows. Because a single designer and I made all of the decisions, there is an attractive continuity to the style of the condo.

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The best in automated systems

It doesn’t matter what it is, it seems that there isn’t some kind of app or program that can help it to work better or without assistance.  The new cars have automatic braking if you get too close to something. They have back up alarms. They also have cars that can parallel park themselves.  These are independent features that don’t need the driver to perform. Some trucks have been tested that will drive you from point A to point B and the driver is there only to switch loads.  These are amazing accomplishments, but what happens when these system fail to work. The computer programs are only as good as the man who creates them and puts in the information. Computer are now vital when it comes to keeping the operation of the sewage or water system functioning in a community.  The safety of the water we drink is at risk if the automated system fails. This is why we need highly-trained and qualified technical mechanics. There are many technical schools that offer courses for those interested in the maintenance of computer automated systems. This takes a couple of years to learn and it is a valued career for one who wants to undertake it.  The pay is amazing, but unless there is a problem, such as a power outage, the job is a piece of cake. A power outage can cause a lot of problems and that is why there are generators hooked into the automated system. If the power goes out, the generator turns on keeps the minimal amount of systems going to ensure that buildings and homes are still functional and the health and safety of all, are not compromised.

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Living a very high tech life

This day in age, it seems that everything has the capability of being controlled by some sort of App or Program. Even our cars have “brains” now and can operate independently with some features.  Sometimes this is a good thing but I often wonder what would happen if these systems failed. Computer programs are only as good as those creating them and actually imputing the information. I know that they are vital when it comes to ensuring that the infrastructure of a building or city operates as planned but in the event of a breakdown they need qualified technicians to fix them. This is where technical schools come into play.  If not for these programs we would not be able to live as comfortably as we do. Our safety may be at risk and everything from the water we drink to the lights we use at our homes would be unreliable. These things are run by fully automated systems in many cases and highly trained technicians are available to keep them running smoothly. Likewise, if there is a power outage in your area, large generators are programmed to kick on and ensure that emergency power is available for crucial services such as hospitals and utilities like water and sewer. If you or someone you know is looking to go into a technical field, look into these programs because more and more we are dependent upon automated systems to make our lives better. This high tech world that we live in doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon so I am sure there will be plenty of jobs available in the future.

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I read through all the directions

When I made the decision that I was going to buy a home, I knew exactly how I wanted it.  I didn’t want to buy a home that had been lived in before. I wanted to have a home built to my specifications and I planned on designing it.  I had spent years living in apartments and not owning anything. I spent a couple of years renting a house. I loved having the air conditioning down low and I would keep it that way for weeks at a time.  I didn’t like needing to pay the energy bill or the fact that I couldn’t do any repairs. With my own home, I could plan ahead for how much insulation I wanted in my home. I wanted to know where the air vents were going to be put so I could plan how to put my furniture.  I wanted to know that when I turned on my air conditioner, I was keeping the cool air in and the heat outside. I knew that if I had all of the plans set up, I would be able to keep the thermostat up higher and still enjoy having the coolness of the air conditioner because I wouldn’t be cooling the outside.  I also know that if all of the designs are right, I will be saving money on my energy bills. I will finally have a home of my own and an air conditioning system that I can run how I like and will function efficiently. I will never again be complaining about apartments and rented homes.

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I have a brand new furnace

My wife and I have lived in a rental house for the last ten years.  Growing up, I never lived in a home, but my family always rented apartments.  I wanted to buy a home of my own, as soon as we could. I didn’t want to buy a home that someone had already lived in.  There was a part of me that equated this to living in someone else’s home and it felt like I was renting. I had to have a brand new home designed and built just for me.  I planned on being in on every step of the design and the building. My wife and I ordered brand new furniture and appliances so we knew that no one else had ever used them.  I helped with the planning of everything in the house. I wanted a log cabin that was spacious and I wanted to have enough insulation so that i could keep all of the air conditioning inside and the heat out.  I planned where the air vents would go, so we could place the furniture where it wouldn’t interfere with the air conditioning. I love keeping my thermostat down low in the summer. If I planned right, and had the right insulation, I would be able to put the thermostat up higher and enjoy more cooling.  I would also be able to save on my energy bills. I am so excited to have my home and my new HVAC system. The house should be done by summer, and I’ll experience the kind of AC I have always dreamed of.