I am getting more done

I usually work from my home doing various unusual tasks. I almost always love my work, since it allows me to do what I enjoy doing and pay the bills at the same time. One of those tasks is crafting custom engraved jewelry. I have to do my work somewhere with a decent amount of light. That said, windows can be problematic, as pollen and bugs can get into the metal sealants and polymers, too! That’s why I often work in the finished basement, where the temperature stays pretty constant and cool. But then I began to notice that even during the winter I would get rather warm under the lights. I thought it was due to the amount of hammering I do. Yet even when I would go to polish I would need to take off my jacket. The basement is perfectly heated by our oil furnace. Still, I always set the thermostat around 61 and simply wear layers. It was my new roommate who came down to collect me for dinner and see the latest project who noticed that the light bulbs were generating a lot of heat. Suddenly we realized that was why other parts of the house were so warm–the outdated light bulbs! I swapped out the incandescent bulbs for distinctly energy efficient options, and then the rooms were noticeably cooler in the summer season. You see, energy efficient bulbs lower the utility bill by using ng less wattage, but they also let your cooling system labor a bit less strenuously. Incandescent bulbs give off so much heat they can even trigger a thermostat if they’re close enough to it. I honestly never thought light bulbs could put out so much heat, but they are an energy saving tip that significantly lowers your bills.

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The green HVAC system

When my hubby in addition to I came into a giant amount of money, the two of us knew the two of us wanted to invest it in something that truly mattered to us, in addition to create something the two of us could pass down to the kids eventually… For that reason, the two of us made the decision to take a portion of the money in addition to redo the entire HVAC device for our home… The two of us were determined to purchase a system that would be better for the environment plus our bank account. However, doing so is not the easiest thing for us. While most folks can utilize a heat pump to achieve this effect, this won’t work for my family. We actually live in the far Northwest, where winters are long in addition to extreme, making heat pumps which are installed in a wall in addition to take the heat from the air quite ineffective. For this reason, my hubby in addition to I decided on a geothermal heat pump. This type of ductless mini split HVAC creates heat from the earth itself. Unlike the heat pumps which take warmth from the air, the geothermal heat pump can keep the beach household perfectly warm regardless of how chilly it is or how long the Winter lasts. Unlike other types of heating in addition to cooling devices, the geothermal heat pump needs no fuel to operate. This means that the geothermal is both better for our billfolds, our health, in addition to the environment. The geothermal heat pump puts off entirely no VOCS. We’re working to have this system installed in tandem with a new set of solar panels that will work to power the device as well, for sustainable household heating in addition to cooling our family can count on for several years to come.

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The HVAC marketing world

I will admit to being a bit too passionate about certain topics in the past. When I was a student, I wrote for the school newspaper. I was prone to political tirades plus grand, sweeping statements that I now realize were myopic; With age, you get a little more perspective on the world, plus all those lofty political ideals of youth are proven to be just that: ideals. They are not workable in the real world. Now that I own a small business, I try to be careful of the things I say. I don’t want to go off on a political rant that could potentially alienate Heating, Ventilation plus A/C clients. There is a growing need for the services I offer, with all the new housing being built, however there is also some stiff competition in the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contracting market… At least six other women run heating plus cooling system contracting companies. Therefore, the competition is something I want to stay on top of. This is why it’s better to keep personal opinions to myself, especially when I am out in public I consistently represent our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C. My job is to focus on my work, not on politics. I have spirited debates around the house with my wife, why do I need to bring those topics out into the working world, where it might cost myself and others a heating contract? I guess our strategy is paying off, because word of mouth on the repair side of our heating plus cooling shop is starting to absolutely get around, then hopefully this positive word translates into more plus more Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contracts for new housing.

She is smart on HVAC

I may not be the smartest man, although I recognize talent when I see it, and it was clear to me from before she could crawl that my little sister was razor sharp. She proved my intuition right over the subsequent years. For example, she aced out of grade school & rocked her way through a series of special schools that could hardly keep up with her. It was my job as her older brother to make life easier for her, so that she could be all she could be. On several occasions, I got to be a protector & stand up to her bullies, youngsters can be so cruel. When she got older, she went into the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business right out of school, & I remember that my folks were disappointed in that… Not me, though, I knew if she was opening up an Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business then there was a pretty darned reason to do so, and this bore out over the next few weeks, as she secured several major contract to install oil furnaces & air conditioners in condo complexes. She needed good, strong people she could trust to help her, because installing central Heating, Ventilation, & A/C systems was not straight-forward work. She hired on a team of Heating, Ventilation, & A/C corporations to help her, & she hired me to labor as the locale foreman & keep pretty much everyone in line. Because she was short, & had a squeaky voice, people didn’t always give her the respect she deserved, so I would be there to make sure these Heating, Ventilation, & A/C turkeys stayed in line. I may not be an expert on Heating, Ventilation, & A/C, although I believe I’m good at managing people.

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There are some questions

         When my husband and I bought our first home, we had to settle for an older fixer-upper home… The home needed a good deal of renovations, however, my husband and I saw some real potential. The home was 62 years old, yet we thought it still had good bones in addition to a strong foundation. And even though the roof needed work in addition to the porch needing to be replaced, my husband and I saw the potential in this home. We bought the 4 bedroom/3 bathroom home for a small amount of cash. The greatest problem was a bad smell permeating throughout the entire home. The previous owners had a lot of pets, so the home wreaked like an animal farm.  My husband and I cleaned the home from the top to the bottom. He and I scrubbed every nook and cranny until every surface had been wiped clean with bleach. Still, that awful smell of animals was everywhere in the house. We had noticed the smell was recognizably bad when the heating or air conditioning system was running. After we did some research, my husband and I found out that the smell could be in our HVAC ductwork. We had decided to call a professional HVAC repair company. They came to our home and critiqued our complete air filtration system. They advocated a cleaning in addition to sanitizing the HVAC ductwork, in order to rid our home of that awful smell. They gave us a guarantee that included getting our cash back. My husband and I decided to continue with the cleaning and sanitizing of the HVAC ductwork… It took several hours to complete the task. After all of our HVAC ductwork was scrubbed clean, that awful smell seemed to disappear. The next big plan will be updating all of the outdated fixtures throughout the house.

central air conditioning 

The thermostat scans for us

When our wife bought a lake house last month she decided to replace the temperature control. I wasn’t totally sold on the whole thing, then the two of us had an older smart temperature control system in the home already, and I figured that was wonderful enough for me. I didn’t really understand what could be the big difference between the 2 brands and why it was a worthwhile investment to install this thing before we even provided the existing temperature control component an actual try to see if it would work. It seemed easy to me; you have a smart temperature control so that you can attach the air temperature control settings from the convenience of your iphone basically anywhere on this planet. Our current temperature control could do that, so why did we need to get another temperature control system to do the same thing? What else could this air quality equipment really add to our current lives and give us what we don’t already have? Well, I admit now that I was wrong, however which is a difficult thing for me to do. This newer smart temperature control is in fact far superior to the outdated model, I will now admit it. This thing has extra utility because it is able to link up to your cell iphone and detect the presence of your equipment as a plan to track your daily habits and to self-adjust the temperature control settings accordingly. There’s even a humidity setting too.  The temperature control even knows when we’re at the lake house or away, and keeps the home heated and cooled at a very eco-friendly levels whenever possible. This smart temperature control really saved our butts last month when we both forgot to turn down the heat before a long trip. Thanks to the cell phone capabilities, our temperature control equipment knew that we were about 600 miles away and turned down the heat before we had a monstrous energy bill when we got back.

climate control

She knows about the cold

My mother has to be one of the most confusing & interesting people who has ever walked this earth and that I know. She has her own certain brand of unusual neuroticism that drives all of her behaviors & thoughts about the world out in public. As such, it’s pretty hard to make much sense of what she does, because it is not based in reason or logic. So that’s why I should not have been surprised when I went to visit her last weekend & the following scenario unfolded. This is what happened, the outdoor air temperature was in the low 20s, which felt shocking since all of us don’t ever really experience a frigid Winter anymore. Therefore, I was somewhat accustomed to the frigid air from my upbringing in the midwest. But all of the windchill & falling snow was still uncomfortable after years of living in the south, and my mother kept complaining about the frigid air as well as if she didn’t live every day in these parts of the country. As all of us lounged around the fireplace at my mom’s condo having quality family time, I walked right over to the control component and was completely shocked to see that the temperature was set at a terribly low 64 degrees. No wonder my Dad was feeling cold, I thought. I bumped the air temperature up a few degrees & heard the oil furnace kick into gear with a satisfying woosh. As the sizzling air finally flowed into the condo & gave a huge relief from the drafty frigid windows, my Dad came rushing into the room & ran immediately to the control unit. “I knew it!” she exclaimed! That’s when she turned the heat back down with forceful motions, and one moment later she was back to complaining about how cold it felt in the condo.

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the poor indoor air at the hospital

I was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. I walked in there and I just wanted to walk back out. I was there to visit someone who was in the observation ward of the hospital. The air stunk so much that I had to cover my nose. Here there were, people who were waiting for a room in the hospital, and they were in this ward that was no better than what they show in the movies! There was a private toilet, but it was inside the room. There was just a small curtain to separate the toilet from the bed. And the smell hung in the air like a cloud. All the doctors and medical professionals were coming into the room in their garb, telling me that the garb was to protect themselves from the germs. The patient was contagious, but I had to laugh because no one told me that I had to wear special garb. I questioned that, and they said it was because I was related and so I was entirely already exposed, and I suppose their garb was to shield them from the smells. I asked if they had Heating and A/C in the room. And if they did, why was it so hot? I also wanted to see where the whole-house air purifier was in this room. This was one of the biggest hospitals, and supposedly one of the most forward thinking hospitals, on the East Coast. They had patients who were there because they were either sick or in pain. They didn’t have whole-house air purifiers to keep the smells of defecation or vomit out of the air. I told them that I wanted a medical professional in that room, instantly and I was taking my mother home.  


I stayed close to home

When my kid was born, he was premature by more than one month, he was in the Nicu for over a week, before being able to bring our baby home.  Tyler is five now and our bundle of happiness. Tyler is smart, sensitive, plus funny However, over the last few weeks, Tyler has been developing some serious pollen irritations and now that the weather is warmer, all of the trees, flowers, and shrubbery are in full bloom. Tyler was always sneezing, coughing, along with red itchy eyes, irritated, plus swollen, and my poor baby had trouble sleeping through the night. The doctor ordered a few things to help with Tyler’s pollen irritations. The first thing my spouse did was buy special air filters for the Central Heating and Air Conditioning unit. The updated air filters are made particularly for dust sensitivity sufferers. They have an extremely narrow network of fibers to remove more allergens, bacteria, including air pollutants.  Also, we purchased a small portable air purifier to keep in Tyler’s bedroom. The portable air purifier runs all day and all evening, plus we need to keep his bedroom door closed at all times. When Tyler is having a terrible allergy attack, the bedroom is our safe place. The air purifier was an excellent addition to the bedroom because it’s quiet, efficient, and uses little to no electricity. And, until Tyler grows out of these pollen allergens every one of us is going to monitor our air quality closely. If his health worsens, we may have to figure out if an air purifier for the whole house is needed. They can be high-priced to install, however, a whole new home air purifier would alleviate even more allergens from the house.

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No power so no heating allowed

I wonder sometimes about how people survived before everyone had electricity.  I don’t really know what I would do if I had to go without power all of the time. There are those occasional times, of course, when the power goes out, and we survive those hours. I can’t figure out if I could go without power all of the time, though. I used to go camping with my family.  When I got old enough to make my own decisions not to go, I felt as if I’d been granted the most amazing power. I was no longer subjected to having to sit in front of an open fire to get warm. I enjoyed being snuggled in a warm bed and hearing the oil furnace turn on. There are no warm beds to snuggle into when you are camping. There is no sound of the gas furnace turning on.  You have a damp, cold sleeping bag plus the hard uncomfortable ground to sit on. The sounds of the woodland animals are outside, plus the smell of the burning fire. That is just not fun to me. Give me a nice soft bed, the sound of the gas furnace, and no animals or bugs, and I am ecstatic. Even when I had children, I was always trying to avoid going camping. My sons enjoyed camping and I was happy to let them go camping with their dad but I just wanted to stay home. Maybe that is why I can’t imagine going without any electricity. I just like having soft beds and a cozy gas furnace to keep myself warm without any smoke!