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My child is into gymnastics, but the gym she goes to is bad with the air conditioning system. She won’t let something as small as air quality stop her. She also has a bunch of friends at the gym plus I guess that’s why she would never want to go to a weird gym with a better HVAC system, but when I have asked the owners about the temperature control settings on the thermostat, they said it’s costly to heat and cool a gym of such a large size so they have to keep it at a certain setting, and one day I decided to compromise with the owners of the gym. I told them that I would pay to have a air duct cleaning for the gym HVAC unit if they would turn up the cooling system just a little bit. They thought about it plus finally agreed to do that. These days when I take my child to her gym for gymnastics, it’s a lot more comfortable than what it used to be. The cleaning of the air duct caused the HVAC unit to task and work so efficiently, that the owners are more than gleefully happy to keep the temperature control on the thermostat at a acceptable level. They have told myself and others that the savings on the energy bills from the air duct cleaning are really and truly fabulous and wonderful!

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I don’t understand this

My girlfriend Betty moved in with me last Spring. And she has been costing me a bundle in energy bills. I try to save energy, but impossible with her around! Betty would lower the control on the HVAC unit and nearly blow up the cooling system having the window opened too. I’d point out that the cool air was flying straight out the window, and she’d explain that she appreciates the combination of fresh air and air conditioner. Once the heat and humidity of Summer arrived, I was excited to operate the cooling system. I was unwilling, but, to leave the cooling system blasting while we were both at work. No matter how many times I reminded Betty to bump up the control unit thermostat before heading out the door, I’d come apartment to a freezing cold apartment.  Now, the outside temperature is down in the teens plus the situation is even worse. Betty would like to run the heating plan at maximum capacity at all times. Whether we’re at home, at work or sound asleep, she has the control unit cranked up to the point that I’m hot. I often catch her opening a window to let in some fresh air. I really need to go my way once this lease is up. I can not stand living with her any longer! It’s ridiculous!

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That was my best guess

I recently had a boiler installed in my nice big home. It was in fact the best choice I think I ever made in my HVAC selections all these years, to be honest. The boiler is completely silent, totally safe, and maintains legitimately even rapidly decreasing temperatures. The boiler is also beautifully adaptable. It is linked to a series of pipes which are concealed beneath the floors of the rooms in the house. The moderate warm water pumps through the pipes and spreads heat evenly across the floors. The heat then is infused into the air, rising slowly and warming all the surfaces in the room. The radiant heating system takes up no residing space, doesn’t detract from aesthetics, and keeps costs legitimately low. The boiler further links to my water heating system, ensuring a plentiful supply of moderate water while also trimming expenses. The boiler further powers a snowmelt plan that is installed under the floor of the garage and beneath the driveway and walkways. The snowmelt plan eliminated the need to plow, shovel or put down drastic chemicals that can injure the cement or landscaping. Again, this was I believe the best choice I ever made in HVAC technology, and am extremely glad I went through and had the idea to get the boiler put in!

Splitting wood

I needed to get an HVAC upgrade recently, but wasn’t sure exactly what to do or how to it at all. I know nothing about HVAC technology. It gets kinda crazy, ya know? So I called my local HVAC dealer. The Heating and A/C supplier suggested  that I spend way more money for an electric heat pump. I figured he was just hoping for a greater commission until he explained the benefits of a dual fuel system. Combining a gas oil furnace with an electric heat pump costs quite a bit initially but definitely pays for itself within a few years of savings.  During the summertime months, the heat pump acts just like a conventional cooling system but is far more energy efficient. It’s also superior at handling excess humidity separate from overcooling. Once the outside temperature drops, the heat pump literally reverses operation to bring heat into the home. It is attractively energy efficient, won’t overly dry the air, and since there’s no combustion process, it’s totally safe. There’s no fear of warm surfaces, fire, fumes or carbon monoxide. Although it’s way cheaper to operate than the oil furnace, the heat pump is only effective until the outside temperature dips below cold.  At that point, the oil furnace automatically takes over. I really thought this all was a fabulous idea, so I decided to set up my appointment with the local HVAC dealer and just go for it! Why not, right? Yeah!

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That shows me endurance

Heating and cooling my big house can be an issue. I was unable to target those rooms which were constantly a little cold or overheated. The kitchen constantly tends to be slightly too hot. If I adjusted the thermostat to accommodate the kitchen, the rest of the home would get far too cold, and I’d spend a fortune in electric.The cooling system would run consistently plus struggle to meet the needs of that single room. The home offices are usually slightly colder. In order to be hot and cozy at evening, I’d need to turn up the temperature control thermostat plus overheat the whole house. Although all of us have quite a few rooms all of us rarely use, I was forced to waste energy to keep them at the perfect temperature. I finally did some research, consulted with a local HVAC professional, and invested in zone control. I assumed this would be a gigantic, messy and luxurious project, however it was fairly easy. I now have temperature controls located in each of the rooms, and a central temperature control thermostat located in the home office. It is a smart system, which connects to the internet and allows me to manage everything from our PC or PC.  A series of valves were installed into the ductwork which direct the air to the many rooms. This lets me customize the temperature in each one to save money and also truly and fully improve comfort.

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We’re landlocked here

I was told by my HVAC specialist that I have to replace my thermostat. I am amazed at the improvement that have been made to thermostats in the last few years.  Because the new thermostat connects to WIFI, and I can access all of the features from my phone or laptop. Whether I’m resting on the couch, curled up in bed, working late at work, or away on vacation, I consistently have access to the furnace plus A/C. I never waste energy maintaining an empty apartment at the perfect temperature, and I never come home to overheated or chilly conditions. Plus, the thermostat automatically built a program according to my familiar schedule and will adjust accordingly. The thermostat also features sensors located in the all rooms that detect whether the space is empty or occupied. I appreciate that the plan keeps track of the household energy usage and offers tips to help myself and others save currency. It also reminds me when it’s time to clean the filter or call for maintenance. This feature ensures that I take better care of my gas furnace plus A/C, and avoid needless malfunctions, the display on the thermostat is touchscreen, customizable and certainly user-friendly. I can check the outside temperature, humidity levels, also get a weather forecast.   


I am relieved

I take good care of the heating and cooling in my house. I always hire yearly HVAC workers for check ups and tune ups. I enjoy comfort while spending less on energy costs every week.  Because of this, I was rather surprised when I had some issues with the gas furnace last Winter. It seemed as if the heating system was running non stop, and yet my house felt slightly freezing. There were cold spots in multiple rooms, and I kept turning up the thermostat. My annually bill was much higher than usual. Plus, I noticed a superb deal of airborne dust and an awful musty smell. I finally hired a local HVAC supplier to take a look at the gas furnace. He informed me that the problem was a result of many leaks in the duct system. While the gas furnace is relatively new, the HVAC duct is undoubtedly 20 years old. I’d never even considered having the duct plan inspected, cleaned or worked on in anyway. Because it’s hidden in the walls, ceilings and crawl spaces, I totally forgot about it. Small holes in the ducts were allowing the heated air to escape, and bringing in polluted outside air. The flaws in the duct plan were contaminating indoor air quality, impacting comfort, and placing needless strain on the gas furnace.  

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I am getting paranoid

My dad talked me into going to a flea market with him on one of the hottest days of the year and most of the booths did not have air condition. We spent hours walking around looking at other people’s junk with a heat index over 120. Every once in a while I would hear the hum of a window air conditioner and I would make a B-line for that booth. I would feign interest in whatever they were selling for as long as I could fake it or until Dad  started wondering towards another booth. By the end of the day, I noticed that even Dad was gravitating towards the air conditioned booths. We certainly made more purchases from air cooled venders than we did from non air conditioned ones. Even if we did buy a lot of stuff we didn’t need. I noticed that most of our purchases were things to make me cooler. Either now or in the future. I bought a lot of frozen drinks, fans, and new filters for our HVAC at home. When we finally got home, we crashed in front of the air conditioner vent with a cold iced root beer and cooled off.  Unfortunately, dad didn’t find what he was looking for despite all the hours in the sun. I told him that next weekend, we would go to real brick-and-mortar shops to find it. I know we spent all the money he thought he would save buying junk we didn’t need at the flea market. At least brick-and-mortar places will be air conditioned, cool, and comfortable.

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The kids were all happy about our planned zoo trip on Monday. I watched the weather with some fear. A  horrible heat wave was passing through and there were predicted temperatures of well over 90 degrees! I waited and hoped it would cool down. Monday morning came at it was already 87 degrees at nine the morning. I knew I needed another plan and fast. I looked through a few websites before discovering the local aquarium. They had lots of animals, both aquatic and some non aquatic reptiles, so it was a perfect fit. To top it all off, everything was indoor and air conditioned. I didn’t even tell the kids of the change in plans. I just loaded them all up and took them to the “water zoo”.  When the oldest asked about the elephants, I explained that this was a different zoo than last time. This one has fish and sharks and seals and iguanas. He wasn’t too disappointed for long. The kids wore themselves out running back and forth and looking at all the creatures. I breathed in the cooled indoor air and was truly happy. So grateful for an air conditioned place. It was good for the kids and educational. Nice and comfortable too. The kids were enjoying themselves so much that I decided to buy a season pass for all of us. This is looking like it is going to be a truly hot and humid Summer. I might as well line up some cool air conditioned activities for the next few months.

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I am okay with this

I am a part of a pet group on social media, and many of the member are from the UK. They are experiencing a hotter than average Summer. Many were complaining of the 85 degree temperatures while it is well over 90 in the area of the US where I live and it has been for the past few months. I felt like rubbing this in until I realized that many of the UK members simply do not have air conditioning.They don’t need it most of the time. This was surprising to me. I can’t imagine not having to have an air conditioner. In the deep south, where I am from, an air conditioner is a necessity. I occasionally wonder what people used to do before air conditioning was invented down here. Our forebears must have been a lot tougher than we are. Or, at least, a lot tougher than I am. There are still people working outside all day with a heat index of 120 so I guess I can’t speak to the toughness of all Southerners. As for me, I go from my air conditioned home to my air conditioned car to an air conditioned building and still complain about the heat. I imagine the air conditioning company will have to begin picking up in the UK with Summers like this one too. The only concern is, I am told there are simply not enough HVAC workers for all of the sudden demand over there this year. People just can not get cool in this current heatwave.

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