I’m running into problems

When you live in a family of numerous people, you definitely need all of the bathrooms that you can get. We have numerous bathrooms in our dwelling, and it seems like all of them are in use pretty much all of the time. I suppose that’s just how it goes in a huge family. Unfortunately, the other month our bathroom that’s downstairs in the main hallway completely gave out on us. I’ve honestly been surprised at how much a little plumbing complication in one of our numerous bathrooms has turned into such a critical problem! Thank goodness every one of us at least have two more bathrooms that are working with no problems, because I just don’t know how huge families are able to cope with a single bathroom. I called the plumber who lives a few streets down from us, and he’s trying to fit us into his plumbing maintenance schedule. The type of concern it is (we suppose it’s a main pipe instead of just a basic toilet repair issue) makes it harder for him to work into the schedule… He wants to make sure that he has numerous plumbing workers there at the same time when they check our main pipe, but I’m not entirely sure why. I honestly don’t really care, I just want to see a plumbing truck in our driveway and a plumbing worker in our dwelling fixing the pipes in our bathroom! I told them that I will definitely pay for the emergency plumbing fee they charge if they can manage to fix the situation sooner rather than later. My teenagers have already made up a “shower schedule” and they are battling about how many times each of them get to use the bathroom each day. I need a plumber before war breaks out in our dwelling.

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I enjoyed the new technology

I’m not sure what people cannot comprehend about the phrase “I’m poor,” but they seem not to think I mean what I say. When I say that I don’t have money, that means I don’t have funds to go out to eat, and I won’t be going on that vacation trip with my group of friends. I also don’t have the excess income required to buy myself a yearly spa membership. I thought those things were obvious, but here every we are.

              My therapist recently suggested that I always go to a spa to steam the toxins out of my body… Obviously, this seemed like a strange suggestion when all I do is talk about my financial problems with her! That’s why I’m making my own sauna at home to steam! The process was simple enough, since I have a small lavatory that always becomes extra humid. It really doesn’t matter if it’s freezing outside or blazing hot. No matter what, the lavatory is about 70 degrees plus muggy as a plumber’s crack. I have difficulty even feeling the AC when I’m in this lavatory, so I knew that it wouldn’t be hard to crank up the air temperature plus level of airborne moisture for my own purposes.

             Initially, I closed of the AC vent plus air return fully, so the room wouldn’t have any ventilation. I went out plus bought myself a little humidifier, which I placed in the lavatory to add more humidity to the air. I also bought a small space heater, which I run for about two hours before I begin to steam. That way, the room is plenty sizzling plus humid by the time I set foot inside of it. I must say, I feel lighter plus less toxic already.

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The HVAC is always running

I really should research some of my purchases thoroughly… When my oil furnace broke, I wanted to upgrade it with a new oil heater. However I read and heard about radiant heated floors and liked what I heard. So, I jumped on the radiant flooring option and scheduled the furnace set up instantly. I should have looked into how the furnace is installed. Instead, I had to find out while the heating and air conditioning contractor was there… My brand new family room tile had to be ripped up in order to place the electric mats under the floors. My favorite carpet in the office was pried up for the mats–even my wood flooring that was original to the house was totally ruined. I had to get new flooring for the study and it is just not the same. All of the labor that involved ripping up the floors cost me too. I had to spend my savings for that, the heating replacement and to set up brand new floors went over top of it. It was way more of a heating expense than I was expecting. Now having the radiant heated floors, I do prefer them, but, I don’t prefer the heating system enough to warrant that sizable cost. A simple oil furnace or fireplace would have just set right up in the study room. It would have taken hours, not afternoons, and there would only be a single cost acquaintanced with the furnace replacement too. Next time I need a pressing expense, I will look more into what comes with it. I don’t want to be surprised this badly again.

That extra boost is very nice

There are mean, glad and weepy drunks; I lose all motor skills when I get drunk. I lose control of my neck and  my head just bobs. I then have trouble sitting up and end up kneeling on a floor. I am a lot of fun while I flop around similar to a dead fish though! The only issue is that sometimes in my flopping I have a tendency to break things. I was at my friend Karen’s house the last time I was hammered. In the middle of the night, I decided to go downstairs & get water! As I was walking down the stairs, I lost control of my footing. I tumbled down the whole flight of stairs. As I was tumbling, I grabbed at random things on the wall to help me–one of the things I grabbed was Karen’s smart temperature control. I literally ripped that sucker right out of the wall. The smart temperature control is the control unit for the entire heating and air conditioning. I literally ripped out Karen’s control climate control for heating and air conditioner. I did not realize this until the next day; needless to say Karen was not pleased. I ripped down a ton of pictures and ruined a large piece of heating and air conditioning equipment. I have offered to pay her back for the smart temperature control. She took me up on the offer and now I regret it. I have price checked on smart temperature control units and they are super costly. I thought temperature controls were love $10. I made a single drunken error. I really don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on Karen’s heating and air conditioning equipment because of it.

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These smells are horrible

I am very basic when it comes to technology; I entirely don’t like to replace things or get with the times. I still have my first flip iphone. It gets the task done, never needs replacement, as well as it refuses to break. I still own an MP3 player rather than an iPod. The little player keeps a charge for many hours and never has an issue. I also have kept the same HVAC unit in our lake house since I have moved in. I have a basic forced air HVAC unit. It provides both heating and cooling. I control which one as well as how much through a dial thermostat. The thermostat is a basic turning wheel that I move to get the temperature I want. I have it set at 60 in the Summer. If the weather gets hotter and the inside gets warm, the cooling system naturally turns on. In the Winter season I go for 65. If the chilly temperatures drop, the furnace automatically turns on. I don’t have to mess with telling the system when to do heating or cooling; it just does it. I set our thermostat two times a year, then I leave it alone. I have heard about smart thermostats. They just sound like a pain to operate though. The smart thermostat requires a weekly program. It also wants times, zones, as well as mornings set for the temperature control program. I refuse to put in that much work… Also, it runs on Wi-Fi. If you lose internet or power, no climate control for you. My dial thermostat never stops doing its task as well as requiring nothing from me.

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Things are not good around my home

I prolong getting furnace and A/C tune ups. I literally wait as long as I can before I make the call. Having an oil furnace and A/C supplier come into our home is the worst. I would rather run errands all day than have the oil heater and air conditioning worked on! Once a year though, I grit my teeth plus do it. Then why do I do not like heating and A/C tune ups so much? The oil heating and central A/C provider that I use only comes during company hours! That means I have to waste a day off from my job to babysit the heating and A/C company. They never provide me with an exact time either, and so I need to wait all day long for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C provider and just hope he shows up. Sometimes the guy shows up way outside the time window they gave me. There are times the HVAC company just does not come. Once I get the heating and A/C serviceman in our home, it is worse. I have to hang around and babysit the guy. I make sure he takes off his shoes or covers them before walking on our carpets. I then make sure he genuinely cleans our heating and cooling equipment. If I am not right there, the HVAC contractor skips through all his steps. Sometimes he does not even change the air filter or dust inside the system. So I sit there for 1-2 hours making sure he genuinely does his job. After the job is done, I then try to get the guy out of our home and pay through the business, not him. I have gotten into some sticky situations with that before. It is just a real pain in the butt.

We forgot about the issues

Living in different parts of the country can have different outcomes for how much you spent on energy consumption. I’ve lived in several different parts of the nation and experienced the different types of climates they have; the northern part of the nation has really extreme Winters while the Southern parts have boiling Summers. Out West, the other seasons seem to take the backseat to the more comfortable temperatures. The climate in California is similar to a never-ending Springtime. It’s a state of constantly moderate weather, nice breezes, and sunshine. If I had to choose which section of the country I wanted to live, I’m not sure I would be able to make a decision. Florida’s weather is filled with humidity, so there is more usage of HVAC units. The climate in Florida while in the Springtime and Summer months have temperatures varying between 72 degrees to 95 degrees or more, however having cooling air circulating through my apartment is essential… Running my air conditioning system extensively throughout the Springtime and Summer months impacts my energy bill greatly– sometimes setting my control component at 68 while in these months is not constantly helpful when trying to combat the heat. The winter months supply me with a reduction of usage for my unit, because during the Winter I’m able to dress more warmly to combat the cold. Living in the North while in the Winter has a critical impact on energy waste. The control component stays set at a cozy 72 degrees because the weather outside is a chilly 15 degrees, with two feet of snow too!

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Hands off please

My hubby Jim and I have always lived in the northern section of the country  Although the two of us didn’t want to sell our home, we both were annoyed with the cold weather and all of the snow.  About two years ago, the two of us purchased a lovely beach house down south. We now divide our time between the two properties.  Our goal is to never be up north when it’s a need to run the oil furnace. We then stay in the beach house up north until the end of November. Then the two of us head south and remain there until the end of April. Maintaining more than one house is far more of a task and worry than the two of us thought it would be.  Although the two of us are not in the northern house during the drastic Wintertime weather, we still need to run the oil furnace to prevent pipes from freezing and then bursting. Installing a smart thermostat in each of the properties has made life much simpler. The smart thermostat features wireless connectivity, which lets us to keep track of both homes through an app on our iPhones and our macbooks.  At anytime no matter where the two of us are, Jim and I can check the indoor temperature then make changes to settings accordingly. It’s simple to turn temperature up or down to ensure the two of us arrive at a perfectly regulated home. Plus, the two of us save a good amount of money on the bills by minimizing the use of the heating and cooling equipment. There are a whole bunch of neat features which allows us to operate the oil furnace and cooling system more precisely.  We get notifications if there is an upcoming temperature fluctuation or the need for equipment replacement. We can track energy usage and even take advantage of energy saving tips. Although the smart thermostats cost us a pretty penny, they have already paid for themselves.

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I hope everyone knows they are welcome

I own a small cleaning service in town and I have to say, in the Spring, I really hate my job. We are so busy with calls for deep cleaning that I can hardly catch my breath. I have one client in particular that I dread servicing each year.  She is just not a naturally tidy person, and I know her house will be a tough one to clean. I think she appreciates a clean house, she simply seems incapable of maintaining one. Every once in a great while she will go on a cleaning spree, but I don’t think that she enjoys vacuuming, dusting, and general house work. Since she can afford it, she pays my company to come in and do these tasks a couple of times a year. This time of year is tough because my employees don’t’ want to be trapped inside cleaning up months worth of dirt.  Nothing is more frustrating than getting a few afternoons of great weather, and then locking yourself in the house to clean. The only thing that helps them tackle the mental distress of cleaning this clients house is the fact that she has a whole-house fan. This is a specialized ventilation system at her house that actually helps them manage the indoor air conditions. It’s called a whole-house fan, and it works amazingly well to draw a huge amounts of outdoor air to the inside of the house in the blink of an eye. The unit kicks into gear, sucks in a ton of air, and passes it through the attic. This pulls in the natural air outdoors and flushes the old, stale air out of the house through the roof. It’s not a perfect system, but at least the house fan improves the air quality in an efficient manner and doesn’t cost as much as a traditional HVAC system.  

I am a forgetful person

Man, do I dislike cleaning. I’m just not a naturally tidy person I guess. It’s not that I don’t like a clean house, so much as I’m simply incapable of maintaining one. I would much rather do a huge cleaning spree every month or so if I have to. I’d much rather have someone else come in and manage my vacuuming, dusting, and general housework. That is, if I could afford it. That’s why I dread the onset of Spring each year. When the time for Spring cleaning suddenly approaches I know that I will not have time to rest until it is done. Nothing is more aggravating than getting a few afternoons of warm and sunny weather, and then locking yourself in the house to clean up a year of messes. I can’t handle the process of being trapped inside a musty and stale house, while looking out the windows to see brilliant sun. The only thing that helps me tackle the mental distress of Spring cleaning is the existence of my whole-house fan. You see, we have a specialized ventilation system at the house that really helps us to manage the indoor air conditions. It’s called a whole-house fan, and it works amazingly well to draw a large volume of outdoor air into the house in the blink of an eye. The giant fan system removes hot stale air from the house by drawing in fresh air through the open windows and expelling it out through vents in the roof. Because the air upstairs is warmer, the cool air that is drawn up allows the house to feel cooler without having to run the air conditioner. It’s not a perfect system, but at least the fan improves the air quality quickly and allows us to take advantage of the cool spring air. This makes the cleaning process much nicer.

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